MASNA Scientific Poster Session

MASNA Scientific Poster Session at MACNA

Sponsored by WAMAS, and EcoTech Marine



Presenting the 5th Annual MASNA Scientific Poster Session at MACNA 2022, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The MASNA Scientific Poster Session allows for advanced aquarists, undergraduates, graduate students, and scientists to submit scientific posters on their current or past marine aquarium related research projects. This includes submissions from hobbyists that would be seen as advanced aquarists.

Poster presenters will be asked to attend to their posters for one of two 1.5 hours periods over Friday and Saturday at MACNA, which would give an opportunity for MACNA attendees to get up close and personal with scientists and fellow hobbyists, and discuss aquarium related science.

Posters will be on display from 9am-6pm on Friday, September 9th, and Saturday, September 10th. Presenting authors shall be present, next to their poster, for the 1.5 hours on the day their poster is on display in order to share and engage on the findings showcased with the public.

Posters will be judged by a committee consisting of hobbyists and scientists. Certificates will be presented for the top scoring posters in each of the following categories: hobbyists, young adults, undergraduate students, and graduate students at the MACNA Banquet.

Poster abstract submission will be open from May 1 – July 15, 2022. We have chosen to keep abstract submissions open to allow for late submissions. Submissions after July 15th will be evaluated on an as time allows process. Note, late submission summaries are not be published in the MACNA Program, but will still be asked to participate as noted below.

Accepted posters will need to have at least one author in attendance at MACNA 2022, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from September 9 – 11th. Authors cannot represent multiple posters simultaneously; while authors may support multiple entries consideration must be made to the attendance requirement outlined above. Selected poster authors are eligible for a free weekend pass to MACNA 2022, which grants access to the showroom floor, a range of aquarium-related speakers, educational opportunities, and interactive workshops.

More information about MACNA 2022 and passes can be found here:

The Submission Period for 2022 is Closed!


MASNA is a non-profit organization composed of marine aquarium societies and individual hobbyists from North America and abroad, totaling several thousand individuals.

MASNA’s goals are to:

  • Educate our members with online and published material, the MACNA conference, and other sanctioned events
  • Assist in forming and promoting the growth of clubs within the hobby while ensuring a sustainable future for the marine environment
  • Support the efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine organisms through education, assistance and encouragement
  • Encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby and support captive breeding/propagation efforts

MASNA operates from a central Board of Directors elected each year by the delegates from the member societies at the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America, (MACNA).


Poster Application Submission Requirements

  • Your abstract must contain the specific goals of the study, the methods used, a summary of the results, and a conclusion. Do not submit an abstract for planned work. The abstract must entail data analyses and results. It is not satisfactory to say, “The results will be discussed.”
  • The abstract title should clearly define the work discussed.
  • You will be asked to choose an appropriate topic for your abstract, which will be used for session planning.
  • The abstract may contain up to two paragraphs, and cannot contain more than 500 words. The 500 word limit does not include the title, author or affiliation information.
  • Please do not enter the abstract title, author names, or affiliations in all uppercase or all lowercase letters. Fixing these creates extra work during the publishing process. Sentence capitalization should be used for entering your abstract title.
  • Limit your use of acronyms and initialisms. Please spell out the entire name on the first use, and put the acronym or initialism in brackets.
  • All abstracts will be reviewed by the poster session committee. Abstracts will be reviewed within 3-4 weeks after the submission deadline.
  • For your application, please prepare the personal information of all authors, your abstract, title, keywords, abstract topic, objectives, significance, study population, methodology, results, and conclusion.

Items you will need ready for your application

  • Presenter’s information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email)
  • Poster Information
    • Final poster title
    • Abstract
    • Keywords and Abstract Topic (listed below)
    • Objectives of the study
    • Details of the population being studied
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
  • Co-Author Information
  • Digital Signature

Poster Design Suggestions and Recommendations

Poster Judging Criteria

Looking for ideas? Here are some potential topics for posters

MACNA 2017 Poster Session Presented Poster Topics and Authors

MACNA 2016 Poster Session Presented Poster Topics and Authors

The abstract submission period is open through July 15th!


The MASNA Scientific Poster Session for MACNA 2022 is made possible by our generous sponsors WAMAS, and EcoTech Marine.

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