January 25, 2021

MASNA’s Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

MASNA is dedicated to its continuous support of all communities within our diverse industry. We welcome everyone to our community regardless of their race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, physical ability, or political affiliation. MASNA stands against discrimination and strives to promote a safe and inclusive space for all members of the marine aquarium community.

Inclusion and diversity are vital for any organization, business, or industry to run successfully. Having an open and safe environment to interact and communicate is key for constituents to freely and safely engage with one another.

Diversity in our industry has enabled hobbyists, retailers, livestock suppliers, and product manufacturers alike to enjoy aquarium keeping, a passion which has brought individuals from different walks of life together.

Supporting an inclusive and diverse industry takes deliberate action by everyone. This support of inclusivity and diversity furthers MASNA’s goals to encourage the ethical growth of the marine aquarium hobby, not only by promoting best practices within the trade but also by embracing the diversity of those who share a love for keeping marine aquaria.

MASNA Board of Directors


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Last updated 8/1, 8:30pm Eastern

Richard Ross – 2014 MASNA Award
Dr. Craig Bingman – 2019 MASNA Award
J. Charles Delbeek – 2008 MASNA Award
Matt Pedersen – 2009 MASNA Award
Terry Siegel – 2015 MASNA Award
Dr. Andrew Rhyne – 2017 MASNA Award
Todd Gardner – 2013 MASNA Award
Tal Sweet – 2020 MASNA Aquarist of the Year
Tom Bowling – 2019 MASNA Aquarist of the Year, CEO Biota
Philippe Gilbert – President, PolypLab
Dr Paul Anderson – President, Coral Reef Aquarium Fisheries Campaign
Alex Bonanno – 2019 MASNA Graduate Scholarship Recipient
Dr Liz Marchio – 2015 MASNA Graduate Scholarship Recipient
Dr Michelle “Mick” Walsh – Fish Culturist
Jon Gordon – Owner, TerraReef Aquaculture
Andy Lister – European Sales Manager – Piscine Energetics
Raj Shingadia – President, MRC
Rob Mougey – Director Emeritus, MASNA
Christine Williams
Ronald Shimek
Hunter Hammond
Dr Paul Whitby
Josh Saul – Reefs.com
Randy Donowitz – Senior Editor, Reefs.com
Michelle Lemech – MASNA Member
Gresham Hendee – Aquarist
Joanne Vega – President, SPCDAreefs.org
Ed Wiser – MASNA Member
Bobby Miller – Humblefish
Eric Sutter – Owner, Eel River Coral
Bryce Risley
Tamara Marshall
Ben Johnson
Felicia McCaulley
Richard Back
Jim Welsh
Joshua Solomon
Travis Knorr – Operations Manager, Key West Aquarium
Linda Blackman
Travis Brandwood – President, Whitewater Reef Aquaculture
Dominic Hooton
Brooks Forsyth
Andrew Kwon
Thomas Henderson
Mark Valderrama
Adam Hopkins
Benjamin Alldridge
Matt Huizenga
Tony Beck
Jamison Brosseau – President
Larry Flint – MASNA Member
Scott Fleming
Ryan Smith
Brad Whitney
Pat Northcutt
Aviel Follett – Pratt Reef Club member
Dana Peng – Pratt Reef Club member
Zolzaya Enkhtuvshin – Pratt Reef Club member
Yile Fan – Pratt Reef Club member
Adam Toseland
Jim McKinney
Joseph Lorkovic
Jimmy Cox
Chris Rosati – Reef Nerd
Gavin Dalton
Wendi Sanley
Jason Perry
Arin Sarkissian
Adam Moor
Jose “The Beef” Esteves
Shane Soorus
Jeremy Braband
Andrew Bouwma
Jessica Myroup
Geraud Krawezik
Kevin Schweer
Drew DeLorenzo
Stacey Pieszak
Krista Guogas
Andi Finn
Tami Rose
Thomas C
Rush Battle
Sam Naszradi
Rick Smith – MASNA Member
Kevin Hazel – MASNA Member
Kim Vigil – MASNA Member