Better Managed O‘ahu Marine Aquarium Fishery Won’t Appease Some Against the Trade

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While the focus has been on the Big Island marine aquarium fishery as of late (owing largely to the October passage of Hawai‘i County Council Resolution 130-11 advocating a state-wide ban on the marine aquarium trade), Big Island’s fishery is by no means the entire marine aquarium fishery in Hawai‘i. The aquarium trade in Hawai‘i started on O‘ahu, and the O‘ahu marine aquarium fishery is still a major player representing about one-quarter of the total value of aquarium collection statewide. While Big Island’s fishery dwarfs O‘ahu’s fishery in sheer numbers of yellow tang harvested, the O‘ahu fishery contributes many of the other Hawaiian fishes with which aquarists are familiar. According to the State, the O‘ahu fishery provides direct jobs to about 40 commercial fishers and indirectly supports retail pet stores, aquarium wholesalers, and other support service businesses.   read more

Shark Men- new season for the show, and new realm working with hobbyists?

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 Shark Men kicks off another season on National Geographic today!  This comes just days after the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society announced the Shark Men crew as their guests for the esteemed annual Winter Banquet event.  Combining field work experts and marine scientists with home hobbyists is a fascinating aspect of marine ornamentals.  These cross over global presentations are typically reserved for mega conferences like MACNA.  Given the threats facing sharks and their important role in marine systems, it is exciting to see hobbyists bridging the gap and branching out to those working to save these amazing apex predators.  It will be several months before we can give you a recap on this presentation and how Shark Men /  Hobbyists can work together, until then we’ll just have to watch the show. read more

Two Super Events This Weekend- Midwest and West

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  If you are a hobbyist living in the Midwest or in the Western States you should really consider attending one of the awesome events coming up this weekend.  Two great events featuring vendors, manufactures, frag sellers, and some top notch presenters are going down. Saturday November 5th, 2011 Midwest Marine Conference is the place to be if you can get to Bloomfield Hills Michigan.  Speakers include MASNA President and long time aquatic guru Steven Pro who continues his outreach on toxins, stings, and bad things.  His presentation includes the info on what to do after you touch something you shouldn’t have touched.  Emmy award winning film producer and aquatic explorer Mike deGruy will be sharing his information on the ocean ecosystems.  Author/Lecture and previous MASNA award winner Charles Delbeek is presenting (topic unknown at this time) and you can’t miss Ret Talbot’s presentation which we told you about recently read more

New Proposed Regulations on O‘ahu’s Marine Aquarium Fishery Will Benefit Trade and Resource

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A suite of new regulations for O‘ahu’s Marine Aquarium Fishery will be discussed at a public meeting in Honolulu on Thursday, 17 November, according to a Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) press release. DLNR is the state entity charged with managing most of the State’s fisheries. The proposal, initiated by fishers and others involved in the marine aquarium trade on O‘ahu, calls for further gear restrictions, bag limits, slot limits, and no-take species. Despite being clear on the fact DLNR believes “the fishery is currently being fished sustainably,” state officials expressed appreciation for “experienced, commercial aquarium fishers who wanted to proactively propose reasonable and conservation-oriented regulations to ensure the long-term viability of this important fishery.” The proposed regulations would be specific to O‘ahu and not affect any other fisheries, including Big Island’s contentious marine aquarium fishery.  read more

Fish Breeding- Case Studies for large scale and home based operations

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 We had a chance to see Adam Blundell’s presentation on Reefapalooza a few weeks ago.  Adam was invited to Reefapalooza and asked to present on his current work with case studies involving large scale breeding facilities and small scale home based operations.  This presentation was fantastic and generated a lot of discussion about the possibilities of US hobbyists who have great opportunities to raise fishes in their own backyards.  Natural foods may be easier to generate and success with culturing first foods for larval fishes may be easier to overcome than previously thought. read more