BOD Position Descriptions

All BOD are required to attend monthly online meetings – day/time to be decided by the BOD at the annual meeting. These meetings usually last from 1.5 – 2 hours.

President (Chair)

  • Preside at all meetings of the Corporation and of the Board of Directors.
  • See that the bylaws are enforced.
  • To call such meetings as are herein provided, to have general supervision over all the affairs of the Corporation
  • Appoint and remove the chair of all Committees subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Appoint all committees deemed necessary in the operation of the Corporation.
  • Be ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Sign checks in the Treasurer’s absence, or may appoint another officer for this purpose. Will be one of the authorized signers for disbursement of Corporation funds over $500.00.
  • Sign, execute and acknowledge, in the name of the corporation, deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts or other instruments authorized by the Board of Directors except in cases where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly delegated by the Board of Directors or by these bylaws to some other officer or agent of the corporation
  • Provides leadership to the Board of Directors, who sets policy and to whom the President is accountable.
  • Encourages Board’s role in strategic planning Discusses issues confronting the organization with the Board of Directors.
  • Helps guide and mediate Board actions with respect to organizational priorities and governance concerns. Reviews any issues of concern to the Board. Monitors financial planning and financial reports.
  • Evaluates annually the performance of the organization in achieving its mission.
  • Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Board.

Vice President

  • This position is typically successor to the Chair position. In addition to the responsibilities outlined in the Committee Member job description, this position: Is a member of the Board Work closely with and assist the President in carrying out all the President’s duties and assist in organizing meetings and setting up future events
  • Will act for the President in the President’s absence or at the President’s request, and step into that office in case the President’s position becomes vacant, until that Board of Directors position is filled by special election and new President is elected from the ranks of the Board of Directors. (See President Job Description)
  • Will be one of the authorized signers for disbursement of Society funds over $500.00.
  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Board.


  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and keep a full and complete record of the proceedings.
  • Be the custodian of all the documents of the Corporation other than those pertaining specifically to the other offices of the Corporation.
  • Countersign as Secretary of the Corporation all instruments, papers and documents when asked to do so by the Board of Directors.
  • Keep all minutes available for the inspection of the Board of Directors at any of their regular business meetings and likewise available for the inspection of the members of the Corporation.
  • Is sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, IRS letters, etc.) to note applicability during meetings


  • Be custodian of all funds and securities of the Corporation and as such take adequate precautions to safeguard them.
  • Keep a regular book of accounts of the funds and securities.
  • Dispense money for the payment of bills and current expenses of the Corporation as authorized by the Board of Directors and keep the same as a part of Treasurer’s records.
  • Report upon all the financial transactions of the Corporation when called upon to do so at meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Make the book of accounts of the Corporation available for inspection by the members of the Corporation at the annual general meeting. Any member can request a reasonable current update of the corporation’s finances if said request is made in writing to the treasurer and allows the treasurer thirty days to respond.
  • Make the book of accounts available for inspection by any audit committee appointed by the President.
  • Prepare all regulatory and tax filings as required under federal and state statutes.
  • The treasurer is to co-sign all checks over the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00) with the president or vice president. Ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures

Past President (ex officio)

  • The immediate Past President, or other former Board member as appointed, shall be an ex-officio (nonvoting, if not currently serving as an officer or director) member of the Board and shall assist the President in the administration of the Society.
  • Other duties shall be as established by the Board.

Director (All)

  • Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings.
  • Makes serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.
  • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Gets to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus. Is an active participant in the committee’s annual evaluation and planning efforts.
  • Participates in fund raising for the organization.

Public Relations (PR) Director

  • The Public Relations Director will be responsible for the distribution of information in the name of the Society.
  • The Public Relations Director will work closely with the Board in the creation of advertising and marketing materials for Society use.
  • The Public Relations Director will work closely with the Board and the Webmaster to verify, authorize and post information on the Society website.
  • The Public Relation Director will be responsible for publicizing special events by forwarding news to members and assist in posting notices on the Internet. This position includes efforts to improve relationships with members and other organizations. If MASNA has a Hospitality Suite at MACNA, let our VIPs know you’re our contact person for “special needs or requests”.
  • Publicize MASNA wherever possible on the Internet by forwarding Logos, Banners and Links to all receptive sites.
  • Post notices of upcoming important events or crucial topics. Assist in promoting MACNA whenever possible. Generate all-member emails regarding special events and/or notices.
  • Monitor discussion boards.

Membership Director

  • It shall be the duty of the Membership Director to maintain the records of all the members and guests of the Society, which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, screen names, and e-mail addresses.
  • The Membership Director shall have general charge of guest records and procedures, membership drives, and all correspondence soliciting for new or renewal memberships.
  • All membership and guest fees are collected and noted by the Membership Director, and the fees given to the Treasurer.
  • The Membership Director shall give a report at the Board meeting of the number of Guest, Individual, and Society members in attendance at Society meetings, as well as any other news concerning the membership.
  • The Membership Director shall organize a way to supply the Public Relations Director with e-mail address lists in a timely manner.
  • If the Membership Director is unable to attend any Society meeting, the Membership Director must inform the President and is responsible for finding a substitute membership representative, and supply the President with a Membership report.

Vendor Relations Director

  • The Vendor Relations Director will be responsible for periodic solicitation of donations to the Society from outside sources including companies, manufacturers, importers, local stores or individuals.
  • The Vendor Relations Director will establish relationships with goods and services providers to secure discounts or other benefits for Junior and Premium Members.
  • The Vendor Relations Director will acknowledge and inventory all donations and prepare a list for Board review.
  • The Vendor Relations Director will also coordinate fund-raising events for the Society.
  • Additionally the Vendor Relations Director will work with outside vendors and organizations to generate Sponsorship and Advertising within the Club and its Forums.
  • Working with the President and Vice-President, the Vendor Relations Director will have the authority to solicit advertising and other business relationships with Vendors, Manufactures and Organizations.

Industry, Legislation, Conservation Director

  • The ILOC Director will be responsible for keeping abreast of the current events and activities of these organizations and other legislative activities which might affect the hobby.
  • The ILOC Director will represent MASNA at these organizational meetings and report back to the Board and all members.
  • The ILOC Director is also to attend the National meetings, whenever possible. Forward news of all important proceedings to Newsletter Editor, Public Relations and Webmaster.


  • The At-Large position is responsible for assisting all Society Directors on an as needed basis.
  • Assist or completing tasks when other Board members are unable to fulfill the position.


  • The Webmaster will be responsible for creating and updating the Society website as authorized by the Board.
  • The Webmaster will be responsible for informing the Board of due dates and payment amounts or other requirements so that the Society can be responsible for payment to the web host or programming consultants as required.
  • The Webmaster is responsible for selecting and training one or more back-up webmasters who can assist the Webmaster and assume the Webmaster’s duties in the event that the Webmaster is unable to fulfill them.
  • The Webmaster’s duties will include supervising and managing Forum Moderators by setting guidelines and procedures for day to day operations. These guidelines and procedures shall be in writing and posted within the Moderator forums on
  • Selection of the Moderators will be the responsibility of the Webmaster with the assistance of the current Moderator staff.
  • Removal of a Moderator will be at the Webmasters discretion, pending approval by the Board of Directors.