Two Super Events This Weekend- Midwest and West

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If you are a hobbyist living in the Midwest or in the Western States you should really consider attending one of the awesome events coming up this weekend.  Two great events featuring vendors, manufactures, frag sellers, and some top notch presenters are going down.

Saturday November 5th, 2011

Midwest Marine Conference is the place to be if you can get to Bloomfield Hills Michigan.  Speakers include MASNA President and long time aquatic guru Steven Pro who continues his outreach on toxins, stings, and bad things.  His presentation includes the info on what to do after you touch something you shouldn’t have touched.  Emmy award winning film producer and aquatic explorer Mike deGruy will be sharing his information on the ocean ecosystems.  Author/Lecture and previous MASNA award winner Charles Delbeek is presenting (topic unknown at this time) and you can’t miss Ret Talbot’s presentation which we told you about recently

Finally- be sure to check out their unique aquascaping contest that features multiple heats in the competition.  Awesome!


Saturday November 5th, 2011

Mountain West Reef Fest rocks the party in Salt Lake City.  Now in its third year and carrying the legacy as the most swank and personal reef conference in the country.  Expect a lot of hanging out with industry professionals, a lot of food, and a truly intimate setting with aquarium gurus.  This isn’t a trade show, it’s a reefers paradise with a lounge in the middle of the showroom.  Speakers include MASNA Vice President Adam Blundell who has a new presentation on the availabiltiy of Eco Friendly fishes in the hobby, and some bold new species that are begging for the expert reefers to explore.  Scott Fellman will be presenting his ever popular Aquascaping talk which is fitting since he is also serving as the head judge for the regions Reef Scape competition.  Tony Vargas returns to Salt Lake City for the second time this year.  His presentation on Successful Aquarium From Around the World was a hit (as it has been all over the country these past few months) and now he’s back (he may be giving a presentation on Reefs of the Phillipines). Forest Gahn is probably the best speaker in the country… which is odd since he isn’t well known.  Clubs looking to book a great guy with a great presentation style need to check out Forest.  His lecture on the geological history of reefs will be sure hit this weekend.  Finishing off the speaker list is Joe Yaiullo from the Long Island Aquarium giving his presentation on the massive 20,000 gallon reef tank.  Joe’s talk has been a staple the last few years as he blows people away with stories of what it takes to make a great public aquarium.