Papua New Guinea to Hawaii- Ret Talbot talks collection and impact

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Ret Talbot is on a roll with two presentations (well one presentation that is moving towards another topic).  

We had a chance to see Ret live at SPLASH in Connecticut a few weeks ago.  His talk on Sustainable Collection in Papua New Guinea was a great follow up to the Seasmart program from the past couple of years.  This talk was a great presentation featuring first hand photos and accounts of his travels to the areas of collection.  Developing new collection sites, and utilizing sustainable methods, are critical efforts in our hobby.  This presentation covers the importance of them, and what will happen next.

In just the few weeks following this, Ret was on assignment for Coral and MASNA covering the current legislation in Hawaii and the future of the hobby there (which will lead to everywhere).  Ret spoke on this at Reefapalooza this week and this topic will be quickly developing.  Stay tuned for Ret’s updated presentations in the following months as the situation continues its progression.  For more info on this, you can check out Ret’s blog here at