Ocean Sciences Meeting is killer awesome!

administrator . Advancements and Developments 2038

  The winter session of the Ocean Sciences Meeting just concluded and it was phenominal.  We here at MASNA oversee the well known MACNA conference but even we’d have to admit that the Ocean Sciences Meeting is a top notch educational experience.  This year’s show was in Salt Lake City and it was a who’s who of field experts.  Anyone and everyone from all major academic schools and research facilities were on hand for this show.  There were litterally hundreds of amazing people, completly packed presentations, and the best scientific on display.  Just looking at the dozens of poster presentations would fill up a day’s worth of time.

We’ll update with photos and excerpts later.  For now, we’d heavily encourage everyone to look forword to the New Orleans and Honolulu events for the next two years.  Those shows will be absolutely amazing.