Nevada bill would ban frag swaps (and dog shows)

administrator . Industry, Conservation, and Legislation 2400

Nevada legislation that has been set for hearing in the Natural Resources Committee would make it a crime to sell, or give away, live animals at any “organized event” in the state. Assembly Bill 246 purports to ban the sale of animals at “swap meets” but that term is defined by the bill so broadly that it would literally include any “organized even at which two or more persons offer merchandise for sale or exchange.” Thus, any pet trade or hobby shows such as frag swaps, aquarium shows, dog shows, cat shows, reptile shows, and/or bird shows, at which any animals are sold would be prohibited.
This bill would establish a misdemeanor criminal offense for any person who sells “or attempts to sell, offers for adoption or transfers ownership of a live animal” at any organized event. Any vendor, attendee or other person is covered under the bill. 
Text of the bill can be found here.