Jake Adams- Coral Only Tank Idea is an awesome concept and presentation

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For those of you looking for a great presentation on a new concept listen up-

Jake Adam’s new project titled Ecoreef Zero (http://reefbuilders.com/2011/09/29/ecoreef-zero-population-1/) serves as a great example of his new concept on keeping coral based aquariums.  Jake’s talk provides information and discussion on having a coral tank, as opposed to a reef tank, and the bare basics of keeping corals.  He also covers items in reef tanks that may actually be stunting the growth of the corals.

We first saw this presentation at SPLASH in Connecticut (sponsored by House of Fins http://www.houseoffins.com/) and Jake recently presented this again at Reefapalooza.  Great concept and worth some serious discussion for the coral lovers, and those interested in new ideas.