Fish Breeding- Case Studies for large scale and home based operations

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 We had a chance to see Adam Blundell’s presentation on Reefapalooza a few weeks ago.  Adam was invited to Reefapalooza and asked to present on his current work with case studies involving large scale breeding facilities and small scale home based operations.  This presentation was fantastic and generated a lot of discussion about the possibilities of US hobbyists who have great opportunities to raise fishes in their own backyards.  Natural foods may be easier to generate and success with culturing first foods for larval fishes may be easier to overcome than previously thought.

While current breeders tend to utilize small aquariums inside houses for grow out, stong evidence was presented for the idea of outdoor ponds and troughs for home base aquaculture.  Uncommon fishes, as well as first reports of breeding may be easier to obtain with the open pond method.  

A final selling point of the presentation was the stunning set of examples showing breeding and captive raising of fishes in situations that required virtually no effort nor husbandry of the hobbyists.

Not sure when this presentation will be provided next, but if you find it in your area we highly recommend attending.