Dr. Gahn inspires with a lecture on the geological history of reefs

administrator . Advancements and Developments 2330

 Dr. Forest Gahn rocks the party once again.  The Invertebrte Paleobiologist with a love of all things extinct is giving fantastic talks on the geological history of reefs.  First off, most reefs…. Are not made of coral.  And coral reefs have come and gone over time.  What threats are coral reefs facing today?  What threats have they overcome to get here?  And are their ways for hobbyists to create beautiful reef aquariums that don’t feature corals?

Forest’s lecture  provides amazing and eye opening insight into the geological time scale.  His challenge for hobbyists to create non coral centered aquaria is intriguing and we hope some hobbyists out there will accept his challenge (I’m thinking all clams myself).