CITES Animal Committee turning its attention to e-commerce

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The CITES Animal Committee, currently in session at the 26th annual meeting of the committee in Geneva, Switzerland, will address a number of agenda items, including  “sharks,  . . .  corals, and listing criteria for commercially exploited aquatic species.”  

In connection with that meeting, it is apparent that the committee is considering the impact of e-commerce on CITES listed species.   Today the CITES Secretariat reminded parties of its previous requests for information and research regarding “correlations between use of the Internet and the rate of wildlife crime,”  “the extent of and trends in commerce of CITES-listed species,” and “analysis on any changes in trade routes and methods of shipment that have been observed as a result of increased use of the Internet to promote trade in wildlife.”  That notification can be found here.

Depending on the actions and eventual determinations of the Animal Committee, this may have an impact on internet transactions involving fish and coral, although the extent and timing of that impact remain unclear.  Stay tuned. 

Murray W. Camp