MASNA Response to ESA Listing for 82 Coral Species coming today

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The MASNA Industry, Legislation and Conservation staff has been hard at work preparing MASNA’s response to the proposed listing of 82 coral species under the Endangered Species Act  (“ESA”).   In connection with preparing the response, we have reviewed multiple scientific papers and reviews of the underlying Status Review Report (“SRR”), conducted an independent legal analysis of the proposed action under the ESA, and have worked closely with the legal and legislative issues staff of aligned organizations, including PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council). read more

Finally. CITES delegate agree to limit trade in shark meat.

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From:  Murray W. Camp, MASNA ILOC Director Although still subject to a formal votes, it looks like the governmental representative delegates to the 16th meeting of the CITES Conference of the Parties have agreed to restrict cross-border trade in the oceanic whitetip, the porbeagle, three types of hammerheads and the manta ray, including requiring any shipment to have stricter documentation regarding how they were harvested.  If countries are found to be non-compliant, they may be subject to sanctions that can cover trade in all CITES-listed species.  Japan and China, major consumers of shark products, opposed the listing, citing difficulties in identifying the specific species’ fins. read more

proposed Endangered Species Act listing may lead to a ban on all trade of the most common stony corals

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 On December 7, 2012, NOAA published a proposed rule in the Federal Register (77 FR 73219) in response to a petition submitted by the Center for Biological Diversity to list 83 reef-building coral species as threatened or endangered under the ESA.  NOAA concluded that 12 of the petitioned coral species warrant listing as endangered (5 Caribbean and 7 Indo-Pacific), 54 coral species warrant listing as threatened (2 Caribbean and 52 Indo-Pacific), and 16 coral species (all Indo-Pacific) do not warrant listing as threatened or endangered under the ESA. NOAA also determined that two Caribbean coral species currently listed warrant reclassification from threatened to endangered. read more