Papua New Guinea to Hawaii- Ret Talbot talks collection and impact

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    Ret Talbot is on a roll with two presentations (well one presentation that is moving towards another topic).   We had a chance to see Ret live at SPLASH in Connecticut a few weeks ago.  His talk on Sustainable Collection in Papua New Guinea was a great follow up to the Seasmart program from the past couple of years.  This talk was a great presentation featuring first hand photos and accounts of his travels to the areas of collection.  Developing new collection sites, and utilizing sustainable methods, are critical efforts in our hobby.  This presentation covers the importance of them, and what will happen next. read more

Reefapalooza- THIS WEEKEND

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  Reefapalooza is this Saturday.  A great line up of speakers is on the schedule which you can see here Reefapalooza is a massive show in Orange County, drawing in an expected 3,000 attendees this weekend.  Let’s face it, there are literally millions of you out there in driving distance to Orange County.  Get to this event! An awesome show with some great vendors and some fantastic presentations and demonstrations. Don’t be fooled by the enormous size of the trade show floor, the little room with the speakers is going to be the highlight. We’ve seen a few of the presentations including Jake Adam’s awesome new concept for coral centered tank design, Adam Blundell’s fish breeding techniques of tomorrow, and the ever popular aquascaping of Scott Fellman, and the field reports of Ret Talbot (more info to come on all those presentations in the days to come).  Add to that some very new topics and you’ve got everything covered from fish breeding, diy projects, concepts of tomorrow, aquarium inner workings, and reports from the field.  Grab a chair in the speaker room and camp out for the weekend. read more

Jake Adams- Coral Only Tank Idea is an awesome concept and presentation

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    For those of you looking for a great presentation on a new concept listen up- Jake Adam’s new project titled Ecoreef Zero ( serves as a great example of his new concept on keeping coral based aquariums.  Jake’s talk provides information and discussion on having a coral tank, as opposed to a reef tank, and the bare basics of keeping corals.  He also covers items in reef tanks that may actually be stunting the growth of the corals. read more

Welcome to the Education Updates

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 The passion for the reef keeping hobby is often fueled by a desire to learn. Hobbyists love the thrill of new ideas, new concepts, and a cutting edge developments on husbandry techniques.  Conferences and events around the country are offering fantastic opportunities to learn from the best of the best. This blog will help to highlight some of the great opportunities that are out there.