Borneo eco-resort’s reef restoration

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In Sabah, Borneo, the Gayana Eco Resort is showcasing its coral reef restoration initiative during a “Marine Awareness Month” from March 22-April 22.

The environmental sanctuary on Gaya Island off the coast of Kota Kinabalu is celebrating the return to the wild of revived coral and hand-reared juvenile Giant Clams from its Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC). The event marks a milestone in the resort’s commitment to restore a coral reef ecosystem ravaged by illegal fishing methods, dumping of waste into the sea and climate change.

Over the past few years, broken coral fragments  have been collected and grown at its research center.  1000 fully grown colonies will now be transferred to a ocean nursery on the island’s reefs. Marine biologists have also spawned all seven Giant Clams species found in Malaysian waters at the resort’s nursery: Tridacna gigas, Tridacna derasa, Tridacna squamosa, Tridacna maxima, Tridacna crocea, Hippopus porcellanus and Hippopus hippopus.  500 of these clams are being transferred to a reef nursery.

Guests at Gayana Eco Resort have the opportunity of participating in the reef restoration, assisting with coral planting of broken coral fragments.

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Murray W. Camp