24/02/16 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 4362

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location:      Uberconference

Date:              2/10/2016

Time:           9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: At Large

Chris Hinsley: Public Relations

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Board of Directors Absent:


Attending Members:

Paul Poeschl

Paul Steen

John Monroe

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:05 P.M. EST; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

9:06 Kevin Erickson call for a BOD introducations.

9:07 Kevin Erickson has Paul Poeschl and Paul Steen introduce themselves.

9: 07 Kevin Erickson asks BOD to review January meeting minuets.

9:07 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra to add sub headers to Meeting Minutes

Rich Hogan

9:08 Rich Hogan talks about going through Articles of Incorporation for research on MASNA President and Vice President history.

9:10 Rich Hogan asks about MASNA start date; Rob Mougey explains

9:11 Rich Hogan talks about his progress on the Members Club List.

9:15 Kevin Erickson asks Rich Hogan if he would be comfortable working on the MASNA Wikipedia page; Rich Hogan would like to gather more information and have assistance from Webmaster.

9:18 Rich Hogan talks about MACNA History; Rob Mougey explains.

9:19 Rich Hogan talks about his opinion on Member Clubs are no-longer large enough to use MASNA Speaks.

9:21 Rich Hogan says he feels MASNA needs to look at other ways to reach out to Hobbyists; Kevin Erickson says Adeljean Ho has this in his agenda.

9:22 Rich Hogan talks about his upcoming event and MASNA representation.

9:26 John Monroe arrives.

9:27 Rich Hogan talks about going on MASNA Live to talks about the OSRAS Conference.

9:28 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Steen if he has anything for the BOD; Paul Steen states he is looking into MACNA site inspections.

Adeljean Ho

9:29 Adeljean Ho states MACNA Standards of Care needs to be reviewed.

9:29 Adeljean Ho and Kevin Erickson discuss upcoming Poster Session at MACNA 2016

9:33 Rich Hogan asks about advertising for Poster Session; Adeljean Ho states it will have a press release.

9:39 Rich Hogan asks if MACNA 2016 has a place to host the Poster Session: Adeljean Ho says yes.

9:39 Kevin Erickson asks if AdelJean Ho has started a budget for the Poster Session; Adeljean Ho states he has.

9:40 Rob Mougey asks AdelJean Ho for an estimate on poster count; Adlejean states 40 to 80 posters but this is a blind count as this is the first event for MASNA.

9:44 Christine Rowe asks about funding for Poster Session; Kevin Erickson explains the current donations.

9:47 Kevin Erickson asks Adeljean Ho to be at the next MASNA 2016 meeting.

9:48 Rob Mougey asks about a sign for Poster Session at MACNA; Adeljean Ho will add to his notes

9:50 Kevin Erickson reviews the scientific side of the Poster Session.

9:50 Rich Hogan asks about judging at a Poster Session; Kevin Erickson explains.

9:52 Adeljean Ho states the new publications are lost in the current website layout, he would like to see a new dropdown created for publication and education.

9:55 Kevin Erickson talks about hidden blogs and getting access for Adeljean Ho.

9:56 Rich Hogan asks why the old programs are still listed on the website; Kevin Erickson explains.

9:57 Adeljean Ho and Kevin Erickson discuss volunteers.

9:58 Kevin Erickson and Chris Hinsley discuss blog posts.

10:00 Chris Hinsley informs Adeljean Ho that he has not fixed the title issue on the website.

10:01 Rob Moughey talks about the MACNA Standards of Care review; Kevin Erickson thanks Adeljean Ho and Tom Lisciandra for creating them.

10:02 Kevin Erickson discusses publications and thanks Adeljean Ho and Chris Hinsley for their work.

Christine Rowe

10:04 Treasurers Report

MASNA Treasurer’s Report
Public Board Meeting
February 10, 2016
US Bank $76,279.76 **
Paypal 3,030.52 **
TOTAL $79,310.28
Checks Issued:
Coral Reef Restoration $8,635.00
Checks Estimated:
MASNA Speaks 600.00
MASNA Travel (Rob) 500.00
Postage Reimbursement (Rob) 50.00
TOTAL $9,785.00
** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following expenses cleared:
Murray Camp $250.00
Uberconference $11.10


10:05 Christine Rowe asks for a mail address for the Gary Meadows Reef check; Kevin Erickson will provide.

10:06 Christine Rowe has refunded one of the double membership payments made via PayPal.

10:07 Christine Rowe questions a double payment from SCMAS; Kevin Erickson states they have two organizations.

10:08 Christine Rowe announces the Hikari check has not arrived yet.

10:09 Christine Rowe states she is still researching tax financials and will have something for the private meeting.

10:10 Christine Rowe states she has prepare the 1099 and sent it to to Rob Mougey for signature.

10:10 Christine Rowe announces she is still working on the tax return.

10:11 Kevin Erickson says he will forward bills and checks to Christine Rowe.

10:12 Kevin Erickson asks Rob Mougey if he has a MASNA debit card; Rob Mougey says no.

10:13 Kevin Erickson and Christine Rowe discuss attorney and W9.

Tom Lisciandra

10:16 Tom Lisciandra discusses the March MASNA Live.

10:17 Kevin Erickson has reviewed the current MASNA Live, Kevin Erickson would like to see more social media posting.

10:20 Kevin Erickson reviews what he wants to see to improve MASNA Live.

10:22 Tom Lisciandra reviews Membership Committee progress.

10:27 Rich Hogan asks about membership letter that Chris Hinsley wrote; Tom Lisciandra explains.

10:29 Tom Lisciandra discusses updating Articles of Incorporation.

10:31 Paul Steen leaves the call.

10:31 John Monroe asks about his club hosting a MACNA; Kevin Erickson will send information.

10:32 John Monroe says he is willing to volunteer.

Rob Mougey

10:33 Rob Mougey states he has one request for MASNA Speaks funding from AZFRAG.

10:33 Rich Hogan asks for a timeline on MASNA Speaks changes; Rob Mougey states it is almost complete.

10:34 Kevin Erickson talks about BOD acting as ambassadors to the program.

10:37 Kevin Erickson talks to John Monroe about his club using MASNA Speaks.

10:38 Christine Rowe asks getting an email sent to the BOD when a club signs up; a discussion takes place on how this should work with Tom Lisciandra, Kevin Erickson, Chris Hinsey, Paul Poeschl and Christine Rowe

10:45 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to add Christine Rowe to the Membership email group.

10:48 Rich Hogan announces his opinion on raising the MASNA Speaks payout to $400.

10:48 Rich Hogan asks about adding more sponsors to MASNA Speaks; Rob Mougey states there is no need.

Kevin Erickson

10:49 Kevin Erickson talks about Bob Winfey having not activating his Droptask account.

10:50 Kevin Erickson asks BOD if any of them need a Droptask account.

10:50 Kevin Erickson asks Adeljean Ho for his opinion on Droptask.

10:51 Kevin Erickson talks about Droptask defaults.

10:56 Kevin Erickson, Chris Hinsley and Rob Mougey talk about wants in a new webmaster.

10:56 Kevin discusses his plans for Student Scholarship Program; discussion to continue on forum.

10:59 Kevin talks about he and Rob Mougey attending MACNA meetings.

10:59 Kevin Erickson talks about MACNA Standards of Care going out for independent review.

11:00 Kevin Erickson discusses Paul Poeschl’s application for Membership Director; discussion will continue at next MASNA private meeting.

11:04 Kevin Erickson talks about OFI and the possibility of a charter.

11:06 Rich Hogan asks about an Overseas version of MASNA; Kevin Erickson reviews other organizations.

11:07 Rob Mougey leaves call.

11:08 Kevin Erickson and Christine Rowe discuss a disclaimer for overseas organizations

11:11 Kevin Erickson mentions new UPS account.

11:11 Christine Rowe talks about 1099.

11:13 Kevin Erickson talks about new publications.

11:14 Kevin Erickson discusses Chris Hinsley possibly going to Reefapalooza Orlando.

11:20 Kevin Erickson talks about the International Aquarium Conference in Vancouver Canada.

11:25 Kevin Erickson and Christine Rowe discuss monies owed to a graphic artist and the artist not requiring payment.

11:26 Tom Lisciandra asks is someone can take notes on March 23rd, he will absent from the meeting.

11:27 Kevin Erickson moves to close the meeting; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Duration: 2 hour 52 minutes