16-01-13 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 4345

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location: Uberconference

Date: 1/13/2016

Time: 9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: Public Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Adeljean Ho: ILOC

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Board of Directors Absent:

Attending Members:

Paul Steen

Angie Charpenter

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:02 P.M. EST; Rob Mougey seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

9:02 Kevin Erickson take attendance and poles BOD.

9:04 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Steen if he has anything to present. Paul Steen declines.

9:04 Christine Rowe presented the treasurers report

MASNA Treasurer’s Report

Open Board Meeting

January 13, 2016


US Bank $76,700.35 **

Paypal 2,695.76 **


L $79,396.11


Checks Issued:

Checks Estimated:

Pacific Registered Agents $75.00

MASNA Travel (Rob) 500.00

Postage Reimbursement (Rob) 50.00


L $625.00

ENDING CASH BALANCE       $78,771.11

Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following expenses cleared:

Earthclass mail $20.88

Mailchimp $42.50

Attorney’s Fees $250.00

Quickbooks Subscription $11.99

UBER Conference $11.39

Drop task $359.99

Kevin MACNA reimbursement $2,139.11

MASNA Speaks-CTARS $112.00

MASNA Speaks-GIRS $300.00

MASNA Scholarship Checks (Florida University & Texas A&M) $8,000.00

MASNA Scholarship Travel $484.93

9:06 Kevin Erickson and Christine Rowe discuss balance sheet, how it works, what to include and adding the

year before’s numbers.

9:10 Christine Rowe announces; 2015 books have been added into Quickbooks and all fees due have been

moved to 2016.

9:13 Christine Rowe informs; PNC bank account has closed automatically and there is no longer a need for a

letter, Angie Charpenter has also provided the report from Wings Financial and it was closed.

9:12 Christine Rowe talks about the closing out of Gary Meadows Reef at $15,635. She also asks about $7000

sent in 2014. Kevin Erickson explained $15,000 was 2015 goal and had nothing to do with the $7000 goal of

2014. Christine Rowe then asked about sending the check and presentation. Bob Winfrey will contact Joy

Meadows to see how she would like to proceed.

9:16 Kevin Erickson thanks Christine Rowe for setting up FedEx account.

9:17 Rob Mougey talks to Christine Rowe about MANCA DC financials coming and if they can be added to

Quickbooks, Christine Rowe says this is not possible unless it a new account is added at a fee.

9:21 Kevin Erickson asks BOD to review December 2015 Public Meeting Minutes and post any objections to

the BOD forum.

9:22 Adeljean Ho asks Kevin Erickson if there are any updates to the working publications, Kevin Erickson

says “no”.

9:23 Adeljean Ho talks about reducing map sizes for publication on website. Kevin Erickson says he will work

on coding to do so.

9:26 Kevin Erickson talks about Droptask purchase and using it for projects.

9:27 Kevin Erickson and Adeljean Ho talk about Adeljean Ho’s upcoming travel in February, more discussions

to happen at the private meeting.

9:29 Kevin Erickson discusses forwarding messages from Sam to Adeljean Ho.

9:30 Bob Winfrey announces; he has found two sponsors for the membership committees work on improving

membership benefits. Discussion to be moved to private meeting.

9:33 Bob Winfrey and Chris Hinsley discuss banners and what has been received.

9:35 Rob Mougey and Bob Winfrey discuss vender survey, Google Docs and Bob Winfrey reviewing it.

9:37 Rich Hogan announces, he would like to see banners emailed and installed manually.

9:40 Chris Hinsley announces; he has found the needed banners and will install them.

9:40 Rich Hogan asks Christine Rowe about 1099 for his reimbursements, Christine Rowe explains how

reimbursements work.

9:42 Rich Hogan asks about timing on lion fish publication when Coral Magazine has just released an article

on the same subject. Rob Mougey states; MASNA’s publication is not finished.

9:43 Rich Hogan asks about December Membership Drive winner, Rob Mougey explains there has been no

response from the winner at this time.

9:44 Rich Hogan asks about January membership email, Kevin Erickson says it will be picked up again in


9:45 Rich Hogan asks Tom Lisciandra about getting his club on MASNA Live, Tom Lisciandra say he will

contact Rich Hogan when he and Chris Hinsley are ready to schedule a recording.

9:46 Rich Hogan asks about promotion budget, Christine Rowe states; there is not enough information to

create a budget in 2016.

9:48 Rich Hogan asks if Coral Magazine would be upset about the releasing of MASNA’s lion fish publication,

Bob Winfrey states; Coral Magazine has a limited membership that overlaps with MASNA’s and an email can

be sent out prior to MASNA’s publication release.

9:49 Rich Hogan announces he is still working on club list and will work on email after. Kevin Erickson

requests both he and Rob Mougey be copied in.

9:51 Rob Mougey talks about MASNA Speaks rule changes. Proposed changes include, virtual presentations,

more requests per year, shortening application timeline and how to use the MASNA Speaks picture for

virtual presentations. Rob Mougey will formulate changes and supply them to Chris Hinsley for website.

10:18 Rob Mougey discusses Membership Director step down and the need to look for another.

10:22 Rich Hogan announces; he would like to see more membership numbers at MASNA meetings.

10:23 Rich Hogan asks if there will be a vote on the MASNA Speaks changes, Rob Mougey says “no”. Rich

Hogan states he wants to see the dollar value clubs receive increased. Kevin Erickson states he will review

and comment on forum.

10:24 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra if he has anything for the meeting; Tom Lisciandra says that none

of his projects are ready to present.

10:27 Rich Hogan asks; what email address is used for accessing club forums; Kevin Erickson states this is

private information and is in a post on the forum.

10:30 Kevin Erickson discusses with Tom Lisciandra and Chris Hinsley; the meeting minutes dates are off on

the website. Tom Lisciandra states he does not have access to the website and he sends minutes to Chris

Hinsley for posting. Chris Hinsley will look at problem.

10:31 Christine Rowe brings up the year on the MASNA Speaks page is wrong; Kevin Erickson will fix.

10:33 Christine Rowe states the address for mailing checks is still incorrect; Chris Hinsley to Fix.

10:35 Rich Hogan requests email address for Public Relations be changed from public@masna.org to


10:36 Kevin Erickson informs the BOD; the meeting schedule will remain the same during 2016. No

objections from the BOD.

10:39 Rich Hogan asks about new members signing up at MACNA and having a meeting for them. Kevin

Erickson states this is not an issue, MASNA is changing the Annual Meeting to a later in the day time.

10:41 Kevin Erickson reiterated the need to search for a new Membership Director.

10:41 Kevin Erickson announces; he has shared reading materials with the BOD.

10:43 Tom Lisciandra asks if Chris Hinsley and Bob Winfrey can have access to Droptask for Membership


10:43 Kevin Erickson talks about getting more volunteers and for the BOD to think of ideas on how to use


10:45 Kevin Erickson inform BOD; a BOD flow chart has been created and will be released shortly.

10:47 Kevin Erickson thanks Christine Rowe for sending reimbursement checks to scholarship winners.

10:49 Chris Hinsley informs; he has found the password issue with the website and will fix ASAP.

10:50 Rich Hogan asks about 2016 charity; Kevin Erickson states this is a private conversation and can be

continued on the forum.

10:51 Kevin Erickson talks about Rob Mougey and Kevin Erickson attending MACNA 2016 and 2017 meetings

and extends an invitation for all BOD to attend.

10:52 Kevin Erickson informs the BOD; he and Adeljean Ho have been discussing other charities MASNA could

work with.

10:53 Rob Mougey announces; MACNA 2014 and 2015 will be donating $3500 each to fund the poster session

at MACNA 2016.

10:54 Kevin Erickson asks BOD to change their email signature to include MACNA 2016 in San Diego.

10:55 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra for a MASNA Live update, Tom Lisciandra states; he and Chris

Hinsley will have a new episode the first week of February.

10:56 Kevin Erickson checks with Christine Rowe on status of a check sent to Pacific States.

10:56 Kevin Erickson announces he will be checking with attorney on trade marks.

10:58 Angie Charpenter asks for tri-folds and Tom Lisciandra requests scrapers, Rob Mougey will send them.

10:59 Kevin Erickson moves to close the meeting; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 57 minutes