15/06/10 Public Meeting

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2831

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA
Location: Uberconference
Date: 6/10/2015
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
Board of Directors Present:
Kevin Erickson: President
Rob Mougey: Vice President
Tom Lisciandra: Secretary
Angie Charpenter: Treasurer
Frank Watters: At Large
Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations
Chris Hinsley: Web Master
Rich Hogan: Public Relations
Jose Solomon: Industry Legislation Conservation Representative
Board of Directors Absent:
Jennifer Strickland: Membership
Attending Members:
Paul Carpenter
Paul Steen
Meeting Call to order
• Kevin moves to open meeting at 9:02 P.M. EST and Angie Charpenter seconds
Meeting Minutes
9:02 Kevin Erickson takes attendance.
9:03 Angie Charpenter: Angie presets the Treasure’s Report.
9:07 Kevin Erickson: MACNA 2015 contract is signed, informs Angie Charpenter to expect payment.
9:08 Kevin Erickson: Kevin asks Angie Charpenter for a budget comparison for past MACNA’s
9:10 Kevin Erickson: Kevin discusses upcoming expenses for scholarship winners.
9:11 Rob Mougey arrives.
9:12 Kevin Erickson falls off meeting.
9:14 Paul Steen arrives.
9:15 Tom Lisciandra: Tom discusses reimbursement with Angie for trademark fees.
9:15 Kevin Erickson comes back to meeting.
9:15 Kevin Erickson: Kevin asks Angie Charpenter for last years scholarship expenses.
9:18 Tom Lisciandra: Tom discusses problem with free version of Mail Chimp and suggests moving up
to paid version in order to import all the email address MASNA has. BoD agrees. Tom will get all
payment info to Angie and setup for nonprofit discount.
9:30 Tom Lisciandra: Tom asks if an agenda is needed for the general meeting at MACNA, Kevin
explains process.
9:32 Tom Lisciandra: Tom announces the Fractured account is setup; Kevin Erickson explains it’s an
award making company that works with non-profits.
9:35 Bob Winfrey arrives.
9:35 Bob Winfrey: Bob will have survey questions ready by the next private meeting.
9:38 Kevin Erickson: Kevin would like Bob Winfrey to get with Jennifer Strickland to work on
membership drive.
9:40 Bob Winfrey: Bob asks Angie Charpenter if MASNA has or can get a Square account with a
9:44 Kevin Erickson: Kevin Erickson asks Bob Winfrey what medium he will be using for the survey,
Bob replies Jot Form.
9:45 Rich Hogan: Rich informs BoD, he is having issues sending membership email via clubs forums.
9:47 Paul Carpenter leaves the meeting.
9:48 Rich Hogan: Rich would like to have an event calendar added to the front page of the website. All
BoD members like the idea. Chis Hinsley explains until A Member plugin is fixed on website, this will
need to be on hold.
9:56 Rich Hogan: Asks about MASNA shirts for MACNA, Kevin Erickson explains the decision was
already made to not print shirts.
9:57: Rich Hogan: Rich asks about status of business cards, Kevin Erickson states that designs from
BoD members is due by next private BoD meeting.
9:59 Rob Mougey: Rob announces that Aquarist of the Year is now open on the website. Rob will be
working with past winners. Rob also will be working with Rich Hogan on PR for the program.
10:07 Angie Charpenter: Angie asks Rob Mougey about Life Time Achievement Award, Rob explains
the award.
10:09 Kevin Erickson: Kevin gives report on MASNA Scholarshop progress.
10:11 Kevin Erickson: Kevin is looking for volunteers for Scholarship committee.
10:13 Kevin Erickson: Kevin opens discussion on Josh Solomon; Industry Legislation Conservation
Representative having missed 8 out of last 11 meetings, as per the bylaw section 6.09, BoD members
can not miss more that 3 meetings in a row. Kevin has tried to contact Josh through several mediums
to no avail. Kevin Erickson has notified Josh Solomon electronically that he will be calling for a removal
10:20 Kevin Erickson: Kevin moves to poll the Board Members, Angie Charpenter seconds.
10:21 Kevin Erickson: Kevin poles the BoD.
Angie Charpenter, Yea
Rich Hogan, Yea
Chris Hinsley, Yea
Frank Watters, Yea
Tom Lisciandra, Yea
Bob Winfery, Yea
Rob Mougey, Yea
Kevin Erickson, Yea
Jennifer Strickland, Absent
10:22 Motion passes.
10:22 Kevin Erickson: Kevin requests Chris Hinsley remove all of Josh Solomon’s rights to the website
and his email account. Josh will no longer have access to the MACNA room, MASNA or MACNA
reimbursements and access to MACNA at MASNA’s expense.
10:23 Josh Solomon joins the meeting.
10:24 Kevin Erickson: Kevin explains to Josh Solomon that he would like to discuss events with him
personally and it’s Josh’s choice if he would like to remain on the call.
10:25 Kevin Erickson: Kevin explains that the poster session has not received the needed funding and
will need to attempt again at 2016 MACNA. Tom Land has been notified.
10:27 Tom Lisciandra: Tom explains that the two requested trademarks have been submitted by
MASNA’s Attorney Murray Camp.
10:28 Kevin Erickson: Kevin discusses Chris Hinsley’s need to help with the website. He and Rob
Mougey talk about how Rob Mougey is contacting colleagues, looking for someone with knowledge of
A Member.
10:30 Paul Steen leaves the meeting.
10:31 Josh Solomon leaves the meeting.
10:32 Rich Hogan: Rich asks if A Member has a yearly fee, Chris Hinsley confirms that it does.
10:33 Tom Lisciandra: Tom asks if A Member has support. Chris replays via a forum only.
10:34 Frank Watters: Frank offers to contact his Webmaster at another organization to see if she knows
A Member.
10:35 Chris Hinsley: Chris has been working on Gary Meadows donation button.
10:38 Kevin Erickson: Kevin requests Rob Mougey audit the MASNA books.
10:39 Angie Charpenter: Angie asks why and internal audit instead of an external? Kevin states the
bylaws require a yearly audit and it can be either and he felt internal would be fine unless an error is
10:40 Kevin Erickson: Kevin needs all BoD members to review confidentially form and he will review
how BoD Members will sign with MASNA Attorney.
10:41 Kevin Erickson: Kevin reminds all BoD members of the private meeting on 6/24/15
10:42 Kevin Erickson: Kevin reminds members he will not be at next public meeting on 7/8/15
10:42 Kevin Erickson: Kevin informs BoD of upcoming discussion on shipping the MASNA booth to
10:43 Kevin Erickson: Kevin brings up the need for another tri-fold print run before MACNA.
10:44 Rich Hogan: Rich asks if it would be better to add the tri-folder to the MACNA Attendee bags?
Kevin Angie and Rob felt it be better to give them out at the MASNA booth.
10:48 Chris Hinsley: Chris asks if tri-folds can be sent to all BoD members for distribution in their areas.
Kevin tells Chris to contact Jennifer Strickland to get some.
10:51 Kevin Erickson: Kevin asks Angie Charpenter if Jennifer Strickland has submitted expense report
for MAX and a projection for her trip to MBI. Angie says no.
10:52 Kevin Erickson: Kevin informs Angie Charpenter of upcoming room costs for MASNA Scholarship
10:54 Chris Hinsley: Chris announces he fixed the donation button on the Gary Meadows webpage.
10:55 Chris Hinsley: Chris tells Rich Hogan he has fixed the bad link Rich found on the webpage.
10:55 Chris Hinsley: Chris continues to repair Bod forum.
10:56 Chris Hinsley: Chris needs to get with Rob Mougey about MASNA Speaks and speaker sign up
10:58 Tom Lisciandra: To request a temporary solution for speakers to be added to list. Kevin states
they can email bod@masna.org with information on what they can speak about.
10:58 Kevin Erickson: Kevin discusses with Chris Hinsley the need for image changes to the Gary
Meadows webpage.
11:00 Kevin Erickson: Kevin discusses with Chris Hinsley the need to reorder the meeting minutes on
the website.
11:01 Kevin Erickson: Kevin requests Chris Hinsley remove the poster session webpage from the
11:01 Kevin Erickson: Kevin asks Tom and Chris for a MASNA Live progress report. Tom tells Kevin
the first interview is edited and he is still editing the second interview. Tom needs Kevin to send him
commercials and music. Kevin requests he review the finished episode before it is published.
11:05 Bob Winfrey leaves meeting.
11:05 Rich Hogan: Rich asks about forwarding of PR email. Chris explains.
11:06 Rich Hogan: Rich asks if an area has been selected for the Gary Meadows Memorial Reef, Kevin
10:54 Kevin Erickson moves to close meeting, Chis Hinsley and Rob Mougey second simultaneously.
Meeting 2 hour 6 minutes