15-12-09 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 3323

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location:      Uberconference

Date:              12/9/2015

Time:           9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: Public Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Debbie Lawton: Membership

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Board of Directors Absent:


Attending Members:

Don Davis

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:04 P.M. EST; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

9:05 Kevin Erickson instructs BOD to review November meeting minutes for approval.

9:06 Kevin Erickson takes BOD attendance.

9:07 Kevin Erickson introduces Don Davis.

9:07 Bob Winfrey reviews vender survey and utilizing Survey Monkey as a deployment tool, Kevin Erickson questions using a paid service, Rob Mougey explains to Kevin Erickson; Google Docs does not provide the export of data the way Survey Monkey can and the ease of use to the people being surveyed. Don Davis states the Survey Monkey has a monthly fee and does not require yearly payments.

9:12 Bob Winfrey announces, he has secured the grand prize for MACNA 2016. The donation will come from Red Sea.

9:13 Bob Winfrey discusses, he conversation with Rob Mougey about closing Gary Meadows Reef Fund by end of December 2015 and then starting a program for another charity.

9:18 Bob Winfrey discuss a proposal to update MACNA reimbursements to BOD members; Kevin Erickson  refers Bob Winfrey to a discussion thread online  forum, and requests the conversation continue there.

9:20 Rich Hogan discusses the club presidents meeting at MACNA 2016 and his plans for communication to clubs. Rich Hogan will send a proof for review to Kevin Erickson and Rob Mougey in December and requests they return it in January; Kevin Erickson states he could not have it back until March; Rob Mougey requests Rich Hogan send the document and he will review it and return it as requested.

9:22 Rich Hogan reviews the progress on a budget for events; Christine Rowe discusses a two year need to collect accurate data for the budget.

9:27 Kevin Erickson states, a form is needed for collecting data at events; Tom Lisciandra states he had created a document after Reef a Palooza in Google Docs and had shared it with Kevin Erickson and Rob Mougey.

9:30 Rob Mougey informs Rich Hogan; he sent him the requested tori-folds and lunch boxes.

9:30 Rich Hogan brings up placing a calendar on the website; Rob Mougey states other site have calendars and there is no need to duplicate it. This proposal is now dead.

9:35 Rich Hogan requests input for January press release; Kevin Erickson, Adeljean Ho and Bob Winfrey discuss ideas.

9:37 Rich Hogan announces; he does not feel a need to add the mission statement to every press release.

9:38 Rich Hogan requests access to all social media accounts.

9;39 Rich Hogan discusses an issue he had with his local club and social media adding MASNA Live as co-host to an event; he has deleted the event.

9:40 Tom Lisciandra questions; who’s responsible for producing the membership email? Kevin Erickson says PR.

9:41 Rich Hogan questions adding speakers to MASNA Speaks list; Rob Mougey discusses a need to streamline the website for this purpose; Chris Hinsley states, the website needs improving to create such a feature to automatically add speakers requesting in the list.

9:50 Rob Mougey drops from call and reconnects.

9:50 Christine Rowe presents treasures report.


US Bank  $76,322.12 **

Paypal  4,061.07 **

TOTAL  $80,383.19


Checks Issued:

MASNA Scholarships  $8,000.00

MASNA Speaks-CTARS  112.00

MASNA Speaks-GIRS  300.00

Checks Estimated:

MASNA Travel (Kevin & Rob) 2,533.81

MASNA scholarship travel 662.90

TOTAL  $11,608.71



** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following expenses cleared:

Earthclass mail  $22.95

Mailchimp  $42.50

Attorney’s Fees  $250.00

EngravingAwardsGifts (Shipping correction) $24.50

Quickbooks Subscription  $11.99

MASNA Travel (Tom)  $453.35

UBER Conference  $11.35

Sponsorship of Calendar  $120.00

MASNA Travel (Bob)  $52.32

9:52 Christine Rowe discusses the changes made to the treasures report.

9:53 Christine Rowe and Kevin Erickson discuss a shipping discrepancy with the Aquarist of the Year award.

9:55 Christine Rowe discusses Scholarship and Speaks reimbursement checks.

9:56 Christine Rowe asks Kevin Erickson about mileage reimbursement; Kevin Erickson states Non Profit milage rate is 14¢ per mile.

10:03 Christine Rowe asks about Drop Task; Kevin Erickson requests she move forward in creating the account.

10:05 Christine Rowe asks about MASNA Speaks receivables.

10:06 Christine Rowe talks about changing accounting books over to Quickbooks, adding Kevin Erickson and Rob Mougey to account and linking PayPal,Square and bank account


10:09 Christine Rowe discusses how Quickbooks subscriptions work and the need to download books if  the subscription is canceled within six months.

10:10 Christine Rowe asks about using credit card scanners, decision is to disregard due to high fees.

10:14 Christine Rowe discusses the benefits of a shipping contract with either Fedex or UPS, board decides to move forward, Christine Rowe will complete task with Fedex.

10:21 Christine Rowe informs BOD that the PNC bank account was not closed and will require a letter from the President or Vice President referencing the account number and requesting the account be closed.

10:22 Christine Rowe informs BOD on procedures to change the name on the Paypal account; Kevin Erickson will create a letter of concerns and send them to the attorney.

10:31 Bob Winfrey leaves the call.

10:38 Christine Rowe requests help with the close out of Gary Meadows Reef Fund.

10:39 Rich Hogan asks Christine Rowe how the Quickbooks database works, Christine Rowe explains and asks to continue the conversation privately.

10:41 Rich Hogan asks why the MASNA Speaks check for CTARS was lower than normal; Kevin Erickson states “it is want they asked for”.

10:42 Christine Rowe asks Chris Hinsley to change the address for sending checks when signing up for a membership.

10:45 Kevin Erickson reviews Standards of Care with Adeljean Ho and Tom Lisciandra and suggests a few changes.

10:55 Kevin Erickson and Adeljean Ho discuss summarization of state aquatic laws.

10:57 Kevin Erickson and Adeljean Ho discuss Adeljean Ho’s upcoming move and securing MASNA’s intellectual property.

10:58 Adeljean Ho asks Chris Hinsley if the website will support video links; Chris Hinsley states it will.

11:00 Chris Hinsley asks on the progress of finding a new webmaster; Rob Mougey states the search continues.

11:01 Tom Lisciandra asks about documenting Chris Hinsley’s move to At Large; Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to start a new thread on the forum.

11:05 Kevin Erickson discusses his upcoming move this January and  how he will have limited communications.

11:06 Rich Hogan asks when will MASNA Scholarship advertising start; Kevin Erickson explains.

11:07 Christine Rowe asks Kevin Erickson about a missing receipt in Liz Marchio’s MACNA expense report; Kevin Erickson to honor the expense.

11:09 Rich Hogan asks about reefmussing.com’s request and MASNA sponsoring the site; BOD discusses advantages and disadvantages and decides not to move forward at this time.

11:10 Kevin Erickson moves to close the meeting; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Duration: 2 hour 6 minutes