15-10-14 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2915

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location:        Uberconference

Date:               10/14/2015

Time:              9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: Public Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Debbie Lawton: Membership

Board of Directors Absent:

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Attending Members:

Steve Lowe

Ryan Michaels

Christine Rowe

Tal Sweet

Angie Charpenter

Meeting Call to order

    Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:01 P.M. EST; Rob Mougey seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

9:02 BOD announce name and position.

9:04 Kevin Erickson takes membership attendance.

9:05 Kevin Erickson discusses 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes.

9:08 Kevin Erickson moves to approve the 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes, Rich Hogan seconds. All approve, no abstains or objections.

9:09 Rich Hogan talks about his wish to have a club presidents meeting at MACNA 2016 and how he and Debbie Lawton will be putting together a list of clubs and contacting the presidents. Kevin Erickson requests Rich Hogan but together an agenda for the meeting and email it to him. Tom Lisciandra informs Rich Hogan, he had put an agenda together for the 2014 presidents meeting and could assist Rich in making another.

9:14 Rich Hogan asks about doing more membership drives. Kevin Erickson requests Rich Hogan and Debbie Lawton put together an agenda and submit it for approval.

9:17 Rich Hogan talks about a need for a PR budget in 2016, Kevin Erickson requests Rich Hogan and Debbie Lawton put together a budget for PR and membership and submit for approval.

9:20 Rich Hogan asks about getting training for Debbie Lawton. Debbie Lawton states she has access to membership but needs training, Kevin Erickson requests a meeting be scheduled for training that will include Kevin Erickson, Debbie Lawton, Rob Mougey and David Barrick.

9:24 Rich Hogan asks about email from Canadian club, requesting MASNA Speaks add compensation for webinars, Rob Mougey states its part of his agenda for this meeting.

9:25 Chris Hinsley talks about his need to get passwords for website cpanel, Kevin Erickson asks if Chris has looked at the updated password list, where the cpanel password it listed, Chris Hinsley had not.

9:27 Chris Hinsely talks about an updated credit card number needs to be added to the Network Solutions account. Kevin Erickson asked for information to add credit card.

9:29 Chris Hinsley informs that all required banners have been added to the website.

9:29 Chris Hinsley requests that the BOD nominations web page stay active year round, Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra to review the Bylaws before this is discussed further.

9:30 Chris Hinsley informs BOD, he would like to step into the recently opened At Large BOD position in 2016, Rob Mougey states he likes the idea and would like to see the webmaster position go out to a hire and pay position. Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra to research if the BOD webmaster position is required with the state of Ohio.

9:33 Rich Hogan asks about adding calendar to front page of website. Tom Lisciandra informs Rich Hogan that previous meeting minutes’ state Rich Hogan is supposed to start a thread on the BOD forum to discuss this further.

9:35 Kevin Erickson brings up Droptask as a tool to track projects within the group.

9:37 Kevin Erickson announces David Barrick has confirmed training assistance for Debbie Lawton.

9:40 Tom Lisciandra discusses his experience at Reef a Palooza, Los Angeles.

9:40 Tom Lisciandra asks about where to send his expense report.

9:42 Rich Hogan asks if there were a lot of club’s setup at Reef a Palooza, Tom Lisciandra says “yes”.

9:44 Rob Mougey discusses his experience at the Mountain West Reef Fest in Salt Lake City, Utah.

9:45 Rob Mougey talks about MASNA and MACNA sharing booths at future events.

9:48 Rob Mougey gives an update on MASNA Speaks.

9:48 Rob Mougey talks about a Canadian clubs request for MASNA Speaks to assist finically with webinars. Discussion to be moved to BOD forum.

9:50 Rich Hogan asks if MASNA Speaks needs to have more sponsors and if an increase of payments to clubs needs to increase to $400. Rob Mougey does not see a need for a change at this time.

9:51 Rich Hogan asks Rob Mougey to explain what a webinar is, Kevin Erickson explains.

9:52 Steve Lowe brings up Periscope as a medium for webinars.

9:54 Kevin Erickson talks about the need to create a form to track history for events MASNA sets up at, it should include booth number, screenshot of venue floor, cost of booth and memberships sold. Kevin Erickson asks Rob Mougey and Tom Lisciandra to work on creating form.

9:55 Kevin Erickson asks Rich Hogan and Debbie Lawton if they have the October membership news letter ready, they respond that they have not started. Kevin Erickson explains this needs to be done every month.

9:57 Tom Lisciandra drops from call and calls back.

9:58 Kevin Erickson asks Rich Hogan and Debbie Lawton to have October email ready for review by Tuesday.

10:01 Angie Charpenter joins the call.

10:02 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra and Chris Hinsley about MASNA Live show time table, Tom Lisciandra defers to Chris Hinsley. Chris Hinsley states he does not have time now to complete any shows.

10:03 Kevin Erickson suggests interviewing new BOD members for MASNA Live.

10:05 Rob Mougey suggested interviewing 2015 AOY.

10:08 Rich Hogan asks about sponsors for MASNA Live, Kevin Erickson explains how primary sponsors can provide 30 second commercials if they choose.

10:09 Rich Hogan states he would like to be interviewed for his club’s event coming up.

10:09 Tal Sweet joins call.

10:10 Kevin Erickson asks if members have questions or comments.

10:10 Kevin Erickson moves to close meeting, Rob Mougey seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes