15-08-12 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 3363

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location:        Uberconference

Date:               8/12/2015

Time:              9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: Public Relations

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Frank Watters: At Large

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Board of Directors Absent:

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Attending Members:

Debbie Lawton

Meeting Call to order

    Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:05 P.M. EST; Angie Charpenter seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

9:06 BoD announce name and position.

9:07 Member Debbie Lawton introduces herself.

9:08 Rich Hogan discusses parking at MACNA.

9:08 Rich Hogan asks about benefits of creating membership cards. BoD feels there is none.

9:11 Rich Hogan brings up the need to expedite shipping of supplies needed for MACNA and the date he will be leaving for the event.


9:12 Rich Hogan asks questions about press release for scholarship winners and Aquarist of the year. Kevin Erickson states he and Rob Mougey are working on it.

9:15 Rich Hogan asks about setting up MASNA both at MACNA.

9:17 Rich Hogan asks about booth schedule at MACNA. Angie states there is a thread on the forum.

9:19 Kevin Erickson asks Rich Hogan about the business cards and how they look. Rich says they look great.

9:20 Rich Hogan asks about cooler and a delivery date, Angie Charpenter says they will deliver 8/25/15.

9:20 Bob Winfrey states vender survey is awaiting approval.

9:21 Bob Winfrey talks about MACNA membership drive prize and that Redsea will be setting it up in MASNA booth.

9:21 Bob Winfrey asks about August membership email; Kevin Erickson says Tom Lisciandra is working on it.

9:23 Rob Mougey asks Bob Winfrey to have the Reef Builders ad ready.

9:26 Bob Winfrey asks Chris Hinsley; is the website ready for vender banners? Chris says yes.

9:27 Angie Charpenter give a treasurer’s report

9:35 Angie Charpenter remind all BoD to save their receipts at MACNA.

9:37 Rich Hogan asks Angie Charpenter about reimbursement for diving the booth and delivered items to MACNA; after much discussion, MASNA will pay for parking and half his gas.

9:41 Angie Charpenter brings up the need for MASNA to have a tablet computer for events. Discussion moved to forum.

9:46 Angie Charpenter reminds Chris Hinsley; she needs the button artworks ASAP.

9:46 Angie Charpenter discusses final closeout of PNC bank account while in Washington DC, she needs David Barrick to complete closeout.

9:48 Kevin Erickson will CC all email for Scholarship winners and financial needs to get them to MACNA to Angie Charpenter.

9:49 Chris Hinsley discusses website issues and what needs to be done.

9:48 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley; will Amember work at MACNA? Chris Hinsley says it will.

10:03 Rob Mougey asks Chris Hinsley if the forum for Aquarist of the Year is ready? Chris Hinsley says no.

10:06 Chris Hinsley states he is still working on buttons for MACNA.

10:10 Tom Lisciandra discusses need to plan Mountain West Reef Feast event; Rob Mougey will man the booth at MWRF and Tom Lisciandra will man the booth at RAP Los Angeles

10:20 Rob Mougey talks about Speaks program and sharing info with clubs.

10:28 Kevin Erickson shares; we have scholarship winners and their submission forms are in Google Drive for BoD review.

10:30 Kevin Erickson states the scholarship winners need separate rooms; he will create a motion for added expenses in forum.

10:34 Kevin Erickson talks about MASNA BoD nominations are open, there are two nominations in already, Kevin reminds all current BoD members, they need to submit if they plan on rerunning for their position or moving to another.

10:36 Kevin Erickson discusses the absence of Jennifer Strickland; she has missed more than the allotted meeting per the bylaws. Kevin Erickson has reached out to Jennifer Strickland via email, MASNA forum and Facebook. Jennifer Strickland has not has not responded nor has she logged into the forum.

10:38 Kevin Erickson motions to remove Jennifer Strickland as Director of Membership for the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America; Angie Charpenter seconds motion.

10:38 Kevin Erickson polls the present board of directors for removal of Jennifer Strickland.

Kevin Ericson, President; Aye

Rob Mougey, Vice President; Aye

Angie Charpenter, Treasurer; Aye

Tom Lisciandra, Secretary; Aye

Rich Hogan, Public Relations; Aye

Frank Watters, At Large; Aye

Chris Hinsley, Webmaster, Aye

Bob Winfrey, Vender Relations, Aye

10:40 Jennifer Strickland is removed as Director of Membership and Jennifer Strickland was not present for the meeting or the vote for removal.

10:40 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to start the removal process from the website, forum, email and Google Drive.

10:41 Kevin Erickson reminds all BoD, they need to reapply before MASNA BoD.

10:42 Frank Watters asks Kevin Erickson if he has given any thought to creating a new Historian BoD position; Kevin Erickson states it would be a volunteer position not a board position.

10:45 Kevin Erickson discusses; a guest for MASNA maybe at MACNA and there maybe expenses, discussion will be moved to forum.

10:46 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley; does Chris Hinsley still want to hire help for the website repairs? Chris Hinsley says he wants to fix admin issue before looking for help.

10:47 Angie Charpenter introduces Debbie Lawton and her interest to run for Director of Membership.

10:48 Debbie Lawton introduces herself and talks about her aquarium experience.

10:50 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to make sure all Jotforms point to someone.

10:51 Kevin Erickson talks about applicant for ILOC position.

10:53 Kevin Erickson asks Debbie Lawton for a picture for Facebook of her and the Membership Drive prize she won.

10:54 Kevin Erickson moves to close the meeting; Chris Hinsley seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes