15-07-08 Public Board Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 4341

Location:        Uberconference

Date:               7/8/2015

Time:              9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Frank Watters: At Large

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Rich Hogan: Public Relations

Board of Directors Absent:

Kevin Erickson: President

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Attending Members:


Meeting Call to order

    Rob Mougey moves to open meeting at 9:03 P.M. EST and Angie Charpenter seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

9:03 Rob Mougey takes attendance.

9:04 Rich Hogan asks about press release for September.

9:05 Rich Hogan asks about Membership drive prizes for August.

9:06 Rich Hogan asks about press release bios for AOY and Scholarship.

9:07 Rich Hogan asks about MASNA Live topics for July.


9:08 Rich Hogan asks about the progress on Chicago show.

9:11 Rich Hogan asks about his membership expiring before MACNA, he likes to renew at MACNA and there will be a laps in his membership. Board members feel he should renew online and avoid any membership laps.

9:13 Rich Hogan asks how busy is MASNA after MACNA.

9: 15 Rich Hogan asks Tom Lisciandra when will Mail Chimp be ready, Tom states he’s waiting for a form of payment to upgrade the account.

9: 16 Rich Hogan asks Chris Hinsley when will Chris change his forum name, Chris tells him to create a second account and Chris will change the website permissions.

9:18 Jennifer Strickland give membership report, 13 new members since June 10, 1 new family membership and 1 new corporate membership.

9:19 Jennifer asks about MBI Workshop, Rob Mougey informs her, MASNA is not sending anyone this year as it is to late replan.

9:20 Angie Charpenter tells Jennifer Strickland about audit and needs her expense report from MAX ASAP, Jennifer says by this coming weekend.

9:22 Angie Charpenter gives Treasure Report.

Current Balance Outgoing Cleared
Paypal $2,041.03 MBI 2015 $1,000.00 True balance after expenses $ 53,397.52
PNC Checking $52,627.85 PIJAC Matched $21,050.00
PNC Savings $2.06 Speaks $900.00
Wings $0.00 2014 Scholarships $9,000.00
2014 Website $1,500.00
MACNA Exp $6,561.34
Speaks scrapers $1,248.00
Total $54,670.94 Jennifer MAX $373.42 S/H Scrapers16.58
Kevin CC pmts $526.46
Scraper S/H $67.00
Angie Airfare $449.60
R2R Art $120.00
Total $1,273.42
$550.00 for 1000 Tri-folds
Suite for MACNA 2015 2-7 $2,564.80 $ 324.80



9:23 Rob Mougey asks if check was deposited to US Bank, Angie Charpenter says yes.

9:24 Angie Charpenter asks when will we start advertising the treasure position. Rob feels we can advertise positions on MASNA Live, Facebook, the website and press releases. Angie states she is running for At Large and Chris Hinsley states he is considering running for ILOC. Angie would like to see all open positions advertised  and not just treasurer at this time, she will also be available to work as treasurer if needed until one is found. Rob Mougey feels the treasure position needs to be advertised heavily as it is one of the harder to fill and the other open positions can be handled normally.

9:34 Rich Hogan asks about how do MASNA members vote and can is be done remotely. Rob Mougey explains the process.

9:38 Tom Lisciandra gives Rob Mougey a progress report on getting insurance estimates.

9:41 Rob Mougey tells Tom Lisciandra, Corporation Officers need to be changed with Ohio Secretary of State. Angie offers to help, needs to be done for bank issues.

9:48 Rob Mougey reminds Chris Hinsley, they need to get together on Jot Form for speakers form.

9:49 Chris Hinsley asks about project management programs. Rob Mougey states we will discuss Drop Task at next private meeting.

9:54 Rob Mougey is still looking for someone with Amember experience.

9:57 Rob Mougey reports on Aquarist of the Year, 40 nominations 18 individual nominations, Rob is working with committee.

10:01 Rob Mougey states, audit is underway and if any board member owes  paperwork to Angie – get it in ASAP.

10:04 Angie Charpenter and Frank Watters talk about Angie running for his position.

10:06 Rob thanks everyone for volunteering his or her time to MASNA.

10:07 Frank Watters leaves meeting.

10:09 Rob Mougey motions to close meeting, Tom Lisciandra and Angie Charpenter second simultaneously.

Meeting 1 hour 6 minutes