13/7/2016 Public Meeting Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location: Uberconference

Date: 7/13/2016

Time: 9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Rich Hogan: At Large

Paul Poeschl: Membership

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Board of Directors Absent:

Attending Members:

Paul Steen

Doug Arthur

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:04 P.M. EST; Rich Hogan seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

Asks about the last meeting minutes, reminds everyone to review the forum post and advise if changes are needed.

Announces that the nomination process is open.

Reminds everyone to complete the nomination forms for themselves, or others they wish to have on the BOD.

Paul Steen

Nothing to report other than 2016 reservations.

Will pull those and address later in the call.

Paul Poeschl

Membership update, Individual 277, Family 54, Club 46 and Corp 12

Net gain this month on individual members.

Updates the BOD on Membership Committee.

Plan to work through old membership lists to re-engage.

Will post letter to forums for BOD review.

Researching vendor offer through e-mail, will discuss dates.

Kevin asks if we will include this info on the member e-mail/newsletter; Paul states that yes, it will go out in the email.

Kevin states that Air, Water & Ice may be interested in participating in a member offer.

References June 29th e-mail in aMember.

Some discussion with former webmaster in e-mail; Paul will follow up using copies sent by Kevin.

Paul asks about membership auto-renew in Paypal.

Asks if he should e-mail webmaster; Kevin states that Paul should follow up with both Webmaster & Treasurer.

Check fees for auto-renew and validate against membership budget projections; Paul states that fees break even @ 10 members per year.

Rich to give Paul access to club lists and they will work together on contacting past member clubs as well as clubs that have not joined MASNA will be targeted.

Club incentives for recruiting MASNA members is discussed; uggests raffle prizes or additional MASNA Speaks monies.

Kevin asks if club incentives were discussed in the Membership Committee meeting?

Paul Responds yes and asks Rich for comment; Rich affirms possible club rebates or discounts, asks if it needs a BOD vote? Kevin states that it will require BOD discussion once a recommendation is made.

Asks if we know cub affiliation of existing members, which club has the most vs least individual members?

Suggests targeting clubs in the area of upcoming MACNAs Rich interjects, asking about Physical cards for MASNA members; Kevin states that no physical cards will be issued.

Rob/Kevin/Rich discuss implementing e-cards through aMember, for print at home.

Kevin will follow-up with Webmaster on options.

Paul asks about opening the R2R MASNA forum. Kevin states that he will follow-up with RevTree.

Discusses posting MASNA/MACNA announcements in the general forums of R2R and Reefcentral, states he has no problems.

Christine asks about getting club contact list to assist with club renewal tracking.

Not enough data in Paypal transaction and difficult to search through aMember as cub e-mail doesn’t always match payment e-mail. Paul responds that he will send the list to Christine, once completed.

Paul Steen:

2408 reserved rooms to date for MACNA 2016.

Bumping up against room block on shoulder dates.

Has asked hotel to setup open sell on shoulders.

Currently just past 80% of room block, need to hit 95% in order to book overflow properties.

Kevin mentions that Sunday is currently at 100%.

Paul agrees that it needs increasing as we don’t want anyone turned away.

Kevin and Paul discuss possible open sell dates. Paul inquiries about possible e-mail blasts to past attendees and asks about Visitors Bureau website offer, asks if SDMAF is following up on this? Kevin states that we are missing the boat on these items. Discusses MACNA e-mails to attendees.

Adeljean Ho

14 posters have been accepted. 2 Grad, 4 Undergrad and 8 Scientists, additional submissions possible from MASNA scholarship winners.

100+ viable MASNA scholarship applications.

Committee is established with BOD and outside volunteers and expect to identify top candidates in 3 weeks, Kevin states that there are 102 applicants

Updates BOD on Kristen, the 2nd Scholarship winner; she is working on PhD now. Bobbie was an undergrad winner. Both Kristen and Bobbie are part of this year’s scholarship selection committee.

Adeljean asks about discount MACNA codes for Poster presenters; Kevin responds yes, can use MASNA special code for $10 discount.

Posters have been submitted from across the country Kevin asks Adeljean to update budget spreadsheet for poster session.

Christine brings up difficulty opening some scholarship PDFs. Kevin states probably missing plugins. Kevin/Christine/Adeljean discuss difficulty with PDFs and other files.

Kevin asks Adeljean about Bangaii timeline.

Adeljean states that there is no free time currently with new job, will get back on timing, aiming for a pre-MACNA release for article Kevin asks Treasurer about proper forms on file for reimbursement of articles, Christine responds in the affirmative.

Kevin indicates that he will have two articles soon – Do Not Release – Zoonotic disease

Kevin/Adeljean/Christine discuss file sharing to alleviate PDF issues for scholarship.

Kevin congratulates Adeljean on his new job.

Rich Hogan

Searched US and found 101 reef clubs. Will generate list of e-mails of members and boards.

Writing several letters to send. Kevin asks if this has been discussed in the Membership committee.

Kevin asks about letter contents, seen by BOD?

Rich indicates that several letters have been written, but not all reviewed yet.

Paul is OK with Rich contacting clubs.

Discussion ensues on coordinating efforts between Rich & Paul; Rob suggests using Google Sheets to track contacts. Kevin/Rich/Paul/Rob discuss contact info and sheet details.

Rich asks Rob for list of clubs using MASNA Speaks.

10:05 Tom Lisciandra arrives, apologizes for being late; his flight was delayed.

10:06 Rich inquiries about Presidents meeting.

Discussion is held regarding participants and scheduling at MACNA meeting

Tom Lisciandra

10:11 Tom Lisciandra talks about the inventory form he has created and its location in the MASNA bod forum

10:13 Tom Lisciandra informs Kevin Erickson; he has emailed the financial information requested by Kevin on Gary Meadows Reef and PIJAC.

10:15 Tom Lisciandra discusses status on MASNA shirts for MACNA.

10:29 Kevin Erickson and Tom Lisciandra discuss meeting to work on updating bylaws.

10:30 Tom Lisciandra and Rich Hogan discuss Meeting Minutes and public availability.

Christine Rowe

10:31 MASNA Treasurer’s Report Public Board Meeting July 13, 2016

CASH US Bank $79,473.47 **

Paypal 7,118.01

TOTAL $86,591.48


Checks Issued:

OFI Payment $799.00

Checks Estimated:

MASNA Speaks 900.00

TOTAL $1,699.00


** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following income & expenses cleared:


Ziprecruiter $249.00

Facebook advertising $50.50

Uberconference $11.04

Mailchimp $42.50

Earthclass Mail $102.10

Murray Camp $250.00

Vista Print $99.43

MASNA Speaks Reimbursement (PNWMAS) $300.00

Paypal Service Charges $15.71


Family Sponsors $105.00

Single Sponsors $200.00

Corporate Sponsor $150.00

10:34 Christine Rowe talks about swag for MASNA booth at MACNA

10:42 Christine Rowe requests all BOD review reimbursement document.

10:45 Kevin Erickson asks Christine Rowe about invoices for scholarship sponsors; Christine Rowe informs Kevin Erickson that he was going to do this taks. Rob Mougey

10:46 Rob Mougey talks about nomination form.

10:47 Rob Mougey reports on MASNA Speaks; 4 events post MACNA.

10:47: Rob Mougey talks about Aquarist of the Year panel progress.

10:47 Rich Hogan asks Rob mougey about advertising MASNA Speaks.

10:50 Rich Hogan asks Rob Mougey about raising payouts for MASNA Speaks; Rob Mougey; this has been done and posted to MASNA Speaks webpage.

10:52 Kevin Erickson asks Rob Mougey about announcing Aquarist of the Year; Rob Mougey states it is too early. Kevin Erickson

10:54 Kevin Erickson onform BOD that the July membership email went out the night before.

10:56 Kevin Erickson talks about the first round of MACNA Manager reviews in underway. 10:57 Kevin Erickson talks about current projects and tracking time.

11:01 Kevin Erickson talks about plans for projects in 2017.

11:02 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra about the 2017 schedule for MACNA 2016; Tom Lisciandra state he needs the MACNA 2016 schedule to work in the MASNA 2016 schedule. Tom Lisciandra asks Kevin Erickson if MASNA will be assisting MACNA 2016 with setup; Kevin Erickson states we will supply people as needed.

11:04 Tom Lisciandra and Kevin Erickson discuss booth training on Wednesday September 7, 2016 in the MASNA suite.

11:07 Kevin Erickson requests BOD supply Rob Mougey with names of shows that MASNA should attend.

11:07 Rich Hogan asks questions about using Droptask.

Meeting Close

11:11 Kevin Erickson moves to close the March Public Meeting; Rob Mougey seconds.

Meeting Duration: 2 hour 7 minutes