14/12/10 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2484

BOD Members

Angie Charpenter, Kevin Erickson, Bob Winfrey, Jennifer Strickland, Chris

Hinsley, Roger Vitko

General Membership

Frank Watters, Tom Lassandra, Steve Lowes, Rob Moguey

Opened 8:02 Kevin Erickson, 2nd Chris Hinsley

Christmas meeting rescheduled next Wed 12/17

8:20 Treasurer report

Rich Hogan 8:32 joined the call OSRAS

Roger to take up email to Julian about Pijac and CC Kevin, Angie, Rob

2014 Attendance report

Raffle discussion

MASNA Scholarship 2015

9:00 Close Kevin Erickson, 2nd Bob Winfrey