11/5/2016 Public Meeting Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location: Uberconference

Date: 5/11/2016

Time: 9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: At Large

Chris Hinsley: Public Relations

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Paul Poeschl: Membership

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Board of Directors Absent:

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Attending Members:

Paul Steen, Ed Wiser, Brenda Hogan.

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:04 P.M. EST; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

9:05 Kevin Erickson takes attendance and poles the Board of Directors.

9:06 Kevin Erickson explains Rob Mougey’s recent absents.

9:07 Adeljean Ho arrives.

9:08 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra to send April’s public meeting minutes to the BOD for review, Tom Lisciandra replies; the minutes are posted on the BOD forum and website.

9:09 Kevin Erickson requests all BOD members review the April public meeting minutes on the forum by May 15th.

Christine Rowe

9:16 Christine Rowe reports the 990EZ has been filed with the IRS.

9:17 Christine Rowe discusses the OFI payment has not been completed, Kevin Erickson and Christine Rowe to discuss privately.

9:19 Kevin Erickson asks Christine Rowe to create projected expense report by the private meeting on May 25, 2016.

9:20 MASNA Treasurer’s Report Public Board Meeting May 11, 2016


US Bank $83,030.30

Paypal 3,892.93

TOTAL $86,923.23


Checks Issued:

MASNA Speaks Arizona FRAG $300.00

Checks Estimated:

MASNA Speaks 1,200.00

MASNA Travel (Rob) 500.00

Postage Reimbursement (Rob) 50.00

TOTAL $2,050.00



** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following expenses cleared: **

Chris Hinsley $355.86

Tom Liscinandra $832.31

Murray Camp $250.00

Uberconference $11.04

Paul Steen

9:22 Paul Steen presents MACNA SD 2016 Room report, to date, 1861 room nights have been sold.

9:30 Kevin Erickson and Paul Steen discuss when to announce overflow hotel, Paul Steen recommends at 90% occupancy.

9:32 Rich Hogan asks about his wife working in the booth at MACNA 2016 and getting her a pass, Kevin Erickson says OK to MASNA providing her a pass for booth work.

Paul Poeschl

9:33 Paul Poeschl presents members report.

9:39 Rich Hogan discusses his request for a list of clubs that are not sponsoring MASNA; Paul Poeschl informs Rich Hogan that this is not something Amember can do. Kevin Erickson informs Rich Hogan that a list was created by the last At Large and is on Google Docs.

9:42 Paul Poeschl talks about creating incentives for clubs to encourages members to join MASNA.

9:45 Paul Poeschl and Kevin Erickson discuss a May membership drive and the prize of a Tunze protein skimmer donated by Tunze USA.

9:50 Paul Poeschl and Kevin Erickson discuss social media.

9:51 Rich Hogan asks about sending Paul Poeschles letter to clubs.

9:51 Christine Rowe asks if Paul Poeschl has read an email she sent him.

9:53 Kevin Hogan and Chris Hinsley discuss the monetary value of the Tunze Protein Skimmer.

9:55 Chris Hinsley brings up Membership Welcome letter and discusses Christine Rowe’s bullet points from forum.

9:59 Tom Lisciandra, Chris Hinsley, Paul Poeschl and Kevin Erickson discuss welcome letter and the next phase of creating a club welcome letter.

Adeljean Ho

10:01 Adeljean Ho talks about chatter on the upcoming Disney Finding Dory movie.

10:02 Adlejean Ho presents a short update on Poster session and scholarship progress.

10:02 Adeljean Ho says he is working on writing a Banggai Cardinal piece. Kevin Erickson ask for a completion timeline; Adeljean Ho says, two weeks.

10:04 Kevin Erickson asks Adeljean Ho about state laws database; Adeljean Ho says he has no volunteers and needs help.

10:05 Kevin Erickson talks about paying people to write publications; discussion will move to forum.

10:06 Chris Hinsley informs Adeljean Ho, he is pushing scholarship and poster session in May newsletter.

10:08 Rich Hogan asks Adeljean Ho if he will create a piece on Palytoxin?

10:09 Kevin Erickson Adeljean Ho going back to China; Adeljean Ho asks to discuss privately.

10:12 Adeljean Ho leavies meeting. Rich Hogan

10:12 Kevin Erickson and Rich Hogan discuss finding external links for Wiki page.

10:14 Chris Hinsley asks Rich Hogan to add Tom Lisciandra, Paul Poeschl and himself to view Rich Hogans work on clubs.

Kevin Erickson for Rob Mougey

10:15 Kevin Erickson and Rob Mougey continue to work on MACNA 2016 and 2017.

10:15 Kevin Erickson discusses Rob Mougey and Rich Hogan going to RAP NY.

10:16 Kevin Erickson inform BOD; Rob Mougey is getting ready to start Aquarist of the Year.

Chris Hinsley

10:16 Chris Hinsley informs BOD that he is almost done with May newsletter.

10:17 Chris Hinsley says the Aquarist of the Year press release is done, submitted and awaiting approval.

10:17 Chris talks about needing help with Mailchimp from Tom Lisciandra; Tom Lisciandra to help on Saturday May 14th.

10:17 Chis Hinsley reports; he is working with Tom Lisciandra and Paul Poeschl on the Membership Committee.

10:18 Chris Hinsley informs BOD; website is ready for Aquarist of the Year nominations.

10:22 Kevin Erickson and Chris Hinsley review May newsletter.

10:24 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley for a MASNA Live timeline and a schedule be added to either the forum or Google Docs. Kevin Erickson offers to help with MASNA Live inteviews.

Kevin Erickson

10:29 Kevin Erickson presents a report on MASNA Scholarship; 27 applicants to date.

10:30 Kevin Erickson thanks Christine Rowe and Tom Lisciandra for sharing poster session on Facebook.

10:31 Kevin Erickson presents MASNA Poster Session report.

10:34 Kevin Erickson presents MACNA 2016 report.

10:35 Kevin Erickson and Tom Lisciandra discuss Tom Lisciandra pre booking hotel room for MACNA 2016.

10:35 Kevin Erickson talks about booking a room for the future Aquarist of the Year.

10:36 Kevin Erickson asks if there are any BOD members no going to MACNA 2016?

10:36 Kevin Erickson invites all BOD to attend MACNA 2016 meeting on Wednesday May 18th at 9:30 EST.

10:38 Kevin Erickson talks about RFP’s for MASNA/MACNA video. Kevin Erickson asks for volunteers to review RFP’s; Christine Rowe and Tom Lisciandra volunteer.

10:42 Kevin Erickson, Tom Lisciandra and Paul Poeschl discuss Flipper lunch box.

10:43 Kevin Erickson and Paul Poeschl discuss Air Water and Ice sponsorship.

10:43 Kevin Erickson asks guest if they have anything to present. Meeting Close

10:44 Kevin Erickson moves to close the March Public Meeting; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes