14/11/12 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2379


Board of Directors:

Kevin Erickson: Vice President

Roger Vitco: Secretary

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Chris Hinsley: Web Master


Frank Watters

Steve Low

Donny My

Rich Hogan

Josh Solomon

Meeting Call to order

• Kevin calls to open meeting

• Chris Hinsley seconds meeting opening

Kevin Erickson reports for President, Vice President, and Membership:

MACNA update: 899 room nights booked

744 full conferences pass sold

Price to rise 11/1/14

Higher sales at discounted rates may indicate lower revenue but a highly attended MACNA

65% of showroom floor sold

DC group working on electronic schedule tool

8 speakers signed to date plus others not announced yet

Rich Hogan asks how parking will work and price

Chris Hinsley asks where room block capacity is, Kevin Erickson estimates 40 to 60% of the room block

sold already

MASNA Speaks Funding

Kevin Erickson asks if MASNA is looking for more sponsors

Angie Charpenter states Reed Mariculture will donate $300 per month plus money from MACNA can

support 2 club meetings per month

Frank Watters asks about adding a speaker to the speaker list, Angie Charpenter states the list was updated

three months ago and speaker can fill out a form on MASNA website

Josh Solomon asks via messenger to Kevin Erickson if speakers need to be paid members of MASNA, the

answer is no they do not

PIJAC Funding

Dave Barrick has tried to contact major forums about advertising the MASNA donation matching. The

emails have gone unanswered

Rich Hogan states it’s going to take a lot of money to fight the legislation

Chris Hinsley states the social media has not been used for a month to advertise the matching program

Angie Charpenter had asked Tony Vargus to give the program a shout out

Steve Low will reach out to his organization about donating

Rich Hogans asks how he can turn in the moneys his club collected

Kevin reads a statement from Roger Vitko about donations stalling due to holidays and hobbyist’s fear of

the issue has worn off. He will post on Tunze social media

Angie Charpenter Treasurer report:

PayPal $5830.55, PNC Checking $37713.13, PNC Savings $36032.28, Total $79575.96

Outgoing payables PIJAC $6396, CRF $7000

Kevin Erickson asks for a timeline on checks going out, Angie Charpenter states by the end of the year for

PIJAC and three weeks for CRF

Kevin asks if MASNA Scholorship checks went out, Angie Charpenter states 3 weeks ago

Kevin Erickson asks if Dave Barrick has been reimbursed, Angie Charpenter states checks went out and

were lost in the mail, she then sent the reimbursement electronically

Kevin Erickson asks for a volunteer for MASNA PR work, Chris Hinsely volunteers

Rich Hogan asks if website is complete, Kevin Erickson says no

Kevin Erickson talks about Australia’s first Marine Aquarium Conference and explains the 2 day experience

Kevin Erickson moves to close

Chris Hinsley seconds