10/8/2016 Public Meeting Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location: Uberconference

Date: 8/10/2016

Time: 9:00 P.M. EST

Attendance Board of Directors

Present: Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Rich Hogan: At Large

Paul Poeschl: Membership

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Board of Directors Absent:

Attending Members: Paul Steen


Call to order Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:02 P.M. EST; Rich Hogan seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

9:03 Kevin Erickson reviews meeting agenda and requests BOD review July meeting minutes on forum. Reminds everyone to complete the nomination forms for themselves, or others they wish to have on the BOD.

9:02 Attendance.

Paul Poeschl

9:04 Paul Poeschl reads current membership statistics; 275 individual sponsorships, 52 family sponsorships, 44 club sponsorships and 11 corporate sponsorships.

9:05 Paul Poeschl talks about membership drop off before MASNA and expected increase during MACNA. 9:06 Paul Poeschl discusses July membership drive winner and getting permission to release name for announcement. Rob Mougey suggests adding a clause to the membership drive granting permission to use winners name.

9:07 Paul Poeschl, Rob Mougey and Kevin Erickson discuss August membership drive.

9:08 Paul Poeschl asks about August membership email; Kevin Erickson will complete this coming weekend.

9:10 Paul Steen arrives.

9:10 Paul Poeschl asks Christine Rowe for an update on adding PayPal auto renew to the website; Christine Rowe talks about working with webmaster and Rob Mougey. Rob Mougey requests the conversation be moved to his agenda.

9:12 Paul Poeschl informs Christine; form she requested is complete. 9:12 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Poeschl about electronic ammonia testing. Paul Poeschl talks about electronic ammonia testing is for freshwater. Adeljean Ho will contact Fisher for more information.

9:13 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Poeschl about possible sponsorship; Paul Poeschl states he needs detail of sponsorship for drive.

9:17 Rich Hogan asks Paul Poeschl for membership letter; Paul Poescl requests membership committee meeting.

9:21 Christine Rowe asks for cost of membership drive prize. Rob Mougey states $350 9:24 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Poeschl for a link to the membership Excel file.

Paul Steen:

9:25 Paul Steen talks about cutoff on 9/11/16 for rooms at Town and Country. He was unable to get the hotel to add more rooms to the block. The overflow hotel has 27 reservations to date.

9:26 Kevin Erickson asks for an updated pace report from Town and Country.

9:32 Paul Steen leaves meeting.

Adeljean Ho

9:32 Adeljean Ho informs on poster session and schedule.

9:37 Adeljean Ho asks about creating a “Get to know the Scholarship Winner” poster for the poster session.

9:40 Christine Rowe asks about sending prize money. Kevin Erickson states, checks will go out later.

9:43 Kevin Erickson talks about ordering glass awards for scholarship winners.

9:48 Kevin Erickson asks for an update on the Banggai Cardinal fish article; Adeljean Ho states it will be done next week.

Christine Rowe

MASNA Treasurer’s Report Public Board Meeting

August 10, 2016

CASH US Bank $77,215.80 **

Paypal 8,085.69

TOTAL $85,301.49


Checks Issued:

Contractor Payment (written article) $210.00

Checks Estimated:

MASNA Speaks 900.00

Rob Mougey (reimbursement) $1,000.00

TOTAL $2,110.00


** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following income & expenses cleared:


2017 MACNA $5,000.00

Printing (trifolds) $252.09

Uberconference $11.04

OFI $393.26

Paypal feature $19.99

Murray Camp $250.00

Bank service charge $11.79

Paypal Service Fees $15.13


Family Sponsor $35.00

Club Sponsor $150.00

Single Sponsors $80.00

Corporate Sponsor $300.00

9:50 Christine Rowe informs BOD; the OFI payment has processed.

9:53 Christine Rowe and Kevin Erickson discuss upcoming expensive.

9:56 Christine Rowe, Kevin Erickson and Tom Lisciandra discuss Tri-folds.

Tom Lisciandra

9:58 Tom Lisciandra talks about shirts for MACNA, men’s shirts are ordered and will arrive Friday. Christine Rowe will mail Tom Lisciandra her shirts the following week. Tom Lisciandra will take shirts for embroidery and then mail shirts to BOD before MACNA. Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra to have his shirts laundered and to take them to MACNA 2016.

9:59 Tom Lisciandra discusses MASNA buttons for MACNA.

10:00 Tom Lisciandra talks about MASNA’s schedule at MACNA 2016. Kevin Erickson ask BOD to look at schedule on forum and inform Tom Lisciandra of any changes needed. Rob Mougey

10:03 Rob Mougey informs BOD that the first round of Aquarist of the Year is almost complete and second round starts this coming weekend. 10:04 Rob Mougey talks about working with MACNA 2016 to get MASNA ad in show program.

10:04 Rob Mougey informs; he has received the hard case for the MASNA booth.

10:04 Rob Mougey informs that he has purchased MASNA another iPad.

10:05 Rob Mougey explains the issues with auto renew a between PayPal and aMember.

Kevin Erickson

10:12 Kevin Erickson informs BOD that the MACNA Manager interviews are complete and Rob Mougey, Tom Lisciandra, Christine Rowe and himself need to meet and discuss interviews.

10:13 Kevin Erickson informs BAD that all the rooms for 2016 are complete.

10:16 Kevin Erickson talks about MACNA conference passes and meal choices.

10:18 Kevin Erickson requests those BOD’s that have not sent in PowerPoint slides for Annual meeting do so ASAP.

10:18 Kevin Erickson talks about upcoming articles.

10:23 BOD talks about website bouncing and size of test in articles to small.

10:28 Rich Hogan asks about MASNA Charter; Kevin Erickson recommends all BOD read before MACNA.

10:34 Kevin Erickson reminds BOD, Tom Lisciandra needs updates for MASNA schedule at MACNA.

10:35 Kevin Erickson asks Paul Poeschl if he receives membership details from Tom Land; Paul Poeschl says yes.

10:35 Kevin Erickson asks Christine Rowe if HR files are secure; Rob Mougey explains what to do.

10:35 Rich Hogan asks about getting a MASNA Speaks poster for MANCA 2016; Kevin Erickson says he has the graphics.

10:40 Rob Mougey informs BOD that the MASNA table cloth has been cleaned.

Rich Hogan

10.41 Rich Hogan asks about adding a second table to the MASNA booth at MACNA.

10:41 Rich Hogan talks about emailing reef clubs an intro letter.

10:52 Rich Hogan asks about President’s club meeting agenda; Kevin Erickson informs Rich Hogan that he is supposed to create the agenda.

10:54 Rich Hogan asks about Membership Committee on Droptask.

10:57 Rich Hogan asks about MASNA going back to Reef 2 Reef and offers to moderate forum.

10: 59 Rich Hogan talks about posting MASNA information to reef clubs forums; Paul Poeschl requests Rich Hogan change email address to membership@masna.org and not use his own email address.

Meeting Close

11:02 Kevin Erickson moves to close the March Public Meeting; Rob Mougey seconds. Meeting Duration: 2 hour 0 minutes