14/10/08 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2248

Meeting started 8:02

Kevin opened, 2nd Chris

In attendance David Barrick, Jennifer Strickland, Kevin Erickson, Angie

Charpenter, Frank Watters, Chris Hinsley, Josh Solomon, Roger Vitko, Murray Camp,

Robert Winfrey, Tom Land, Tom Lisciandra, Kevin Lake, Tim Daves

8:05 PIJAC Fundraising, $13,000 in matching funds secured Denver MACNA,


8:10 Murray input on 501C3 Status, PIJAC is fine

8:14 Matching funds

8:18 MACNA 2015 Tom Land

8:22 Treasurer Report- $88,000 Approx, $31,000 Expense, $55,000 Net

8:26 Dave- Survey of Attendees

8:32 Vote on Bylaw change

8:34 Kevin Time and I

8:42 Speakers BRS

8:43 Masna speaks has some momentum

8:47 Close Kevin, 2nd Roger