09/03/16 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 4169

Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location:      Uberconference

Date:              3/9/2016

Time:           9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Rich Hogan: At Large

Chris Hinsley: Public Relations

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Paul Poeschl: Membership

Board of Directors Absent:

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Attending Members:

Meeting Call to order

Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:05 P.M. EST; Rich Hogan seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

9:06 Kevin Erickson calls for a BOD introduction.

9:06 Kevin Erickson asks BOD to review February Public Meeting Minutes.

9:06 Kevin Erickson talks about sub headers in meeting minutes and Tom Lisciandra’s concerns. Tom Lisciandra states the importance of BOD staying on topic.

9:08 Kevin Erickson welcomes Paul Poeschl to the BOD as Membership Director.

9:08 Kevin Erickson takes meeting attendance.

Tom Lisciandra

9:09 Tom Lisciandra gives an update on the Membership Committee.

9:10 Tom Lisciandra talks about paperwork to update Articles of Incorporation to add Christine Rowe as Treasure coming back and the request from Ohio Secretary of State to change a word; Tom Lisciandra has corrected the paperwork and sent it back.

9:14 Kevin Erickson discusses email from 2008.

9:15 Tom Lisciandra asks Paul Poeschl for a meet up on Saturday to review Membership Committee and then asks Kevin Erickson to add Paul Poeschl to the Droptask account.

Christine Rowe

9:17 Treasurers Report

MASNA Treasurer’s Report
Private Board Meeting
March 9, 2016
US Bank $79,696.98 **
Paypal 3,312.04 **
TOTAL $83,009.02
Checks Issued:
Coral Reef Restoration $8,635.00
MBI Sponsorship $1,000.00
Murray Camp $250.00
Checks Estimated:
MASNA Speaks 900.00
MASNA Travel (Rob) 500.00
Postage Reimbursement (Rob) 50.00
TOTAL $11,335.00
** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following expenses cleared:
Uberconference $11.10
Mailchimp $42.50


9:18 Christine Rowe reviews receivables.

9:19 Christine Rowe asks Kevin Erickson about donation coming from WAMAS for the poster session at MACNA 2016; Kevin Erickson tells her to contact Tom Land.

6:20 Christine Rowe reviews payables.

9:20 Christine Rowe reviews OFI membership payment status.

6:21 Christine Rowe reviews status of tax return.

9:22 Adeljean Ho falls off call.

9:23 Christine Rowe talks about difficulties with bank and having the last Treasures name on the account; Kevin Erickson says this can be addressed as soon as the Articles of Incorporation are updated.

Paul Poeschl

9:24 Paul Poeschl thanks BOD for his appointment.

9:24 Paul Poeschl says he will get with Tom Lisciandra on Saturday for Membership Committee.

Kevin Erickson for Adeljean Ho

9:25 Kevin Erickson states he will talk for Adeljean Ho who is having communication difficulties.

9:25 Kevin Erickson states a sponsorship letter for poster session went out and the deadline is approaching.

9:27 Kevin Erickson announces scholarship program application acceptance starts April 4th.

9:27 Kevin Erickson reviews new scholarship application procedures.

9:31 Kevin Erickson talks about poster session at MACNA SD timeline and the public announcement on April 4th.

9:37 Christine Rowe asks about hardware costs for poster session; Kevin Erickson states this will be provided by a decorator.

9:38 Rich Hogan asks about the sponsorship goals for the poster session; Kevin Erickson states he would like an industry related sponsor for the prizes.

9:41 Kevin Erickson states the Minimum Standards of Care document is back from review and the suggested changes are under review.

9:42 Rich Hogan asks if the Minimum Standards of Care document would be available for public use; Kevin Erickson states it will be posted publicly.

Bob Winfrey

9:43 Bob Winfrey talks about his need to step down as Vender Relations and looking for a       replacement.

9:45 Kevin Erickson asks Bob Winfrey for the picture from CRF and the Gary Meadows Reef Fund check presentation; Bob Winfrey will provide.

Kevin Erickson for Rob Mougey

          9:48 Christine Rowe and Kevin Erickson talk about attorney reviewing the PayPal agreement.

9:56 Kevin Erickson talks about Rob Mougey’s request to move spending limit without a vote from $500 to $1000; discussion to move to the forum.

Kevin Erickson

          9:58 Kevin Erickson requests all BOD keep their Droptaks projects updated.

9:58 Kevin Erickson requests all BOD with Droptask accounts add he and Rob Moughey to all projects.

9:59 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to setup all needed accounts for Paul Poeschl; Kevin Erickson will create Droptask account once an email account is created.

9:59 Kevin Erickson and Chris Hinsley discuss status of current press releases: Chris has several turned in and awaiting approval.

10:00 Kevin Erickson asks Chris Hinsley to do the Gary Meadows press release next.

10:01 Chris Hinsley requests Kevin Erickson provide his content for the March membership email.

10:02 Kevin Erickson gives an update on MASNA 2016.

10:04 Kevin Erickson asks all BOD to plan to start arriving to MACNA 2016 on Tuesday September 6th and depart San Diego on Monday September 12th.

10:05 Kevin Erickson asks BOD who have already created room reservation, to send that information to him.

10:06 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra for a status on his trip to Orland for Reefapalooza.

10:07 Kevin Erickson, Tom Lisciandra, Chris Hinsley and Christine Rowe review mileage costs for Tom Lisciandra and Chris Hinsley to go to the Marine Aquarium Expo in Orange county.

10:09 Bob Winfrey offers to find a raffle item for MAX.

10:10 Rich Hogan asks Kevin Erickson about user credentials for the MASNA Wikipedia page; Kevin Erickson will research.

10:13 Rich Hogan asks why the MASNA Speaks page has not had the new program updates added; Kevin Erickson says it’s not ready.

10:14 Rich Hogan says he needs MASNA Speaks funds for his upcoming club event

Meeting Close

          10:14 Kevin Erickson moves to close the March Public Meeting; Tom Lisciandra Seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes