08/06/2016 Public Meeting Minutes

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Public Meeting Minutes – MASNA

Location: Uberconference

Date: 6/8/2016 Time: 9:00 P.M. EST


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Christine Rowe: Treasurer

Rich Hogan: At Large

Adlejean Ho: ILOC

Board of Directors Absent:

Paul Poeschl: Membership

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations


Attending Members:

John Monrow



Call to order Kevin Erickson moves to open meeting at 9:03 P.M. EST; Rom Mougey seconds.

Meeting Minutes:

Kevin Erickson

9:04 Kevin Erickson asks Tom Lisciandra if the May Meeting Minutes were sent out to the BOD; Tom Lisciandra says “yes”. Kevin Erickson then asks BOD is they saw any mistakes; no one answers.

9:04 Kevin Erickson takes attendance.

9:05 Tom Lisciandra asks “who do I send meeting minutes to for website posting”; Kevin Erickson says he wants them send to himself.

Christine Rowe

9:06 MASNA Treasurer’s Report


US Bank $82,399.82 **

Paypal 3,478.72

TOTAL $85,878.54


Checks Issued:

Rob Mougey $1,596.92

OFI Payment $799.00

Checks Estimated:

MASNA Speaks 600.00

TOTAL $2,995.92


** Checking account & Paypal Cash Balance includes the following income & expenses cleared:

Expenses: Murray Camp $250.00

Uberconference $11.04

Mailchimp $42.50

Bank Service Charges $3.16

LVMAS-MASNA Speaks $300.00


Single Membership $80.00


9:09 Christine Rowe discusses US Bank giving permission for payment to OFI for 700 Euro.

9:10 Christine Rowe mentions receiving am Email from Tom Land about Poster Session sponsorship.

9:10 Christine Rowe talks about not receiving the MACNA 2016 payment. Kevin Erickson to contact.

9:11 Christine Rowe states the OFI receipt will go to Kevin Erickson’s email and will need to be forwarded to her.

9:12 Christine Rowe discusses her research into promotional items. Some samples are on the way.

9:15 Kevin Erickson talks about potential future costs.

9:16 Kevin Erickson discusses Christine Rowe replying to mail sent from someone currently incarcerated and is looking to become a MASNA member.

Rich Hogan

9:18 Rich Hogan informs BOD, MASNA booth at Reefapaloza in N.Y. is not going to happen.

9:18 Rich Hogan talks about contacting some clubs requires a membership to reach out to club leadership.

9:19 Rich Hogan asks about Paul Poeschl’s proofing request for membership drive.

9:22 John Monrow arrives.

Adeljean Ho

9:25 Adeljean Ho talks about last minute push for Scholarship applications.

9:25 Adeljean Ho discusses press release for Finding Dory movie.

9:30 Adeljean Ho mentions Bangeye Cardinalfish press release is still in the works.

9:30 Kevin Erickson informs that the application phase for Poster session will end one week after Scholarships.

9:32 Kevin Erickson talks about he and Adeljean Ho working with writers and getting W9’s for Christine Rowe.

Tom Lisciandra

9:37 Tom Lisciandra discusses researching shirts. 9:37 Tom Lisciandra talks about insurance agent left and working with new agent.

9:38 Kevin Erickson informs BOD that he has Tom Lisciandra rewriting the Bylaws to include MACNA Director and leadership.

9:38 Rich Hogan asks Tom Lisciandra; when will MASNA Live start up again. Kevin Erickson states he will be doing them when time permits.

Rob Mougey

9:39 Rob Mougey informs BOD that Aquarist of the Year nominations are open and the press release needs to go out.

9:40 Rob Mougey talks about the increase in club use of MASNA Speaks and that Christine Rowe has sent out the payments.

9:41 Christine Rowe asks Rob Moughey if he had heard from Reed Mariculture; Rob says no.

9:42 Rich Hogan asks if Aquarist of the Year will be posted to Reef Builders. Rob Mougey says it will.

Kevin Erickson

9:43 Kevin Erickson updates on Scholarship applications.

9:44 Kevin Erickson talks about WAMAS and Poster session donation check and PR for event.

9:44 Kevin Erickson talks about assisting with 4 PR works in progress.

9:47 Kevin Erickson informs that the MACNA Director announcement went out.

9:49 Kevin Erickson presents an update on MACNA 2016 progress.

9:52 Kevin Erickson talks about his concern after a member posted on Facebook, he is not receiving email from MASNA. Rob Mougey feels, there is a password issue after all administrative passwords were changed. Kevin Erickson to have webmaster look into issue.

9:59 Kevin Erickson talks about private donation to Scholarship.

10:01 Rich Hogan asks about finding more sponsors for Scholarship; Kevin Erickson presents his long term plan.

10:03 Rich Hogan asks about Reef 2 Reef’s email about hiding MASNA forum and if it can be brought back.

Meeting Close 10:05 Kevin Erickson moves to close the March Public Meeting; Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes