15/05/13 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2893


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Frank Watters: At Large

Bob Winfrey: Vendor Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Board of Directors Absent:

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Josh Solomon: Industry Legislation Conservation Representative

Attending Members:

Rich Hogan

Steve Burdette

Steve Lowes

Meeting Call to order

• Kevin moves to open meeting at 9:01 P.M. EST and Chris Hinsley seconds

Meeting Minutes

9:02 Kevin Erickson takes attendance.

9:03 Frank Watters: Discusses relationship with Reef 2 Reef and adding MASNA into their emails.

9:06 Bob Winfrey: Discusses upcoming membership drive.

9:08 Bob Winfrey: Discusses upcoming MACNA vender survey and using Survey Monkey to distribute.

9:15 Rich Hogan: Rich asks what incentives are there hobbyists to become members.

9:29 Angie Charpenter: Angie presets the Treasure’s Report.

9:32 Chris Hinsley: Chris has removed PIJAC fundraiser button from website.

9:33 Chris Hinsley: Work continues on website.

9:34 Chris Hinsley: Chris and Tom are lining up interviewees for MASNA Live and hope to have

something in June.

9:39 Chris Hinsley: Has made a sample Membership Drive page for review.

9:43 Kevin Erickson: Chris and Kevin to work together on website this Saturday 5/16/15.

9:47 Rich Hogan: Asks for site visitation hit data.

9:51 Tom Lisciandra: Tom continues to work on a project with MASNA attorney.

9:54 Rob Mougey: Reminds all board members to spread the word about MASNA Speaks

9:57 Rob Mougey: Discusses Speakers not on list question from members and member clubs.

10:07 Rob Mougey: MACNA DC 2015 all conference passes are at $149.00.

10:08 Rob Mougey: To Chris Hinsely, Gary Meadows should replace PIJAC donation button.

10:12 Rich Hogan: Asks Rob Mougey if money from MASNA Speaks sponsor rolls over to next year.

Angie Charpenter explains the finances behind the program.

10:13 Rich Hogan asks why MASNA Speaks requires a picture of speaker in front of MASNA Speaks

slide. Angie Charpenter explains the program rules.

10:13 Rich Hogan: Questions why certain speakers are not on list. Angie Charpenter explains.

10:15 Rich Hogan: Requests that MASNA BoD has MASNA Speaks funded and ready to go in


10:23 Kevin Erickson: Has new volunteers, Steve Loweis is one and is helping with new information


10:34 Kevin Erickson: The MASNA Scholarship is underway and applications have started to arrive.

10:40 Kevin Erickson: Kevin is working with Rob, Angie and Tom on new awards to be given out at


10:42 Kevin Erickson: Rich Hogan has been voted in as new Public Relations Officer.

10:48 Kevin Erickson: Reviews schedule for the next month.

10:52: Rich Hogan: Asks about giveaways to drive people to the MASNA Booth at MACNA.

10:54 Kevin Erickson moves to close meeting, Tom Lisciandra seconds.

Meeting 1 hour 53 minutes