15/04/08 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2741


Board of Directors Present:

Kevin Erickson: President

Rob Mougey: Vice President

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Frank Watters: At Large

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master

Board of Directors Absent:

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Josh Solomon: Vendor Relations

Attending Members:

Paul Steen: HelmsBrisco

Tom Land: MACNA 2015

Rich Hogan

Murray Camp

Don Davis

Mike Rehfeld

Tal Sweet

Frank Rice

Meeting Call to order

• Kevin moves to open meeting at 9:01 P.M. EST and Angie seconds

Meeting Minutes

9:05 Murray Camp discusses staying on as retained legal council.

9:18 Murray left the call.

9:20 Bob discusses agenda items. Questionnaire and website update for sponsors to see. Need to

finalize questionnaire, business contact list to be internal only.

9:22 Jennifer updates Membership: 130 individual, 47 club, 4 corporate, 37 family memberships

Trifold ordered, should be available to be shipped within 4 business days.

9:28 Angie questioned by Rich about items for their Speaks meeting. Tom Land discusses sending

items for the Rich Hogan event’s booth.

9:30 Frank collecting info on MASNA from web and checked GuideStar for MASNA info. Still working

on reef club contact info. Questioning on working directly with R2R and RC to get info from their

directors on local clubs on their sites.

9:34 Chris: website update. BOD bios up

9:40 Josh: absent update on PIJAC, no ADF meeting set up as of yet, uncertain on the newest update

from Hawaii concerns. Working with Ross to set up ideas on how to run a poster contest during


9:43 Angie: financial update. Still looking for final donations for PIJAC fund.

9:47 Rob: Acquired Speaks from Angie. Rich discusses needing scrapers for his event. Tal asks for

clarification for speakers that are on MASNA speaker list. Tal asks for verification of his account


9:59 Tom Land: DC update, hotel preorder at 81% capacity; booths at 75-80% capacity. Hotel block

rates available from 8/31-9/9

10:10 Kevin: Scholarship sponsors have all responded and confirmed they will sponsor again. Kevin

talked Poster session for MACNA 2015. Email sent to Ornamental Fish International requesting an

exchange of services, assistance.

10:21 move to close by Kevin, seconded by Rob.

Meeting 1 hour 20 minutes