15/03/11 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2762


Board of Directors:

Kevin Erickson: President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Frank Watters: At Large

Chris Hinsley: Web Master


Corey Gavlid

Dave Morris

Austin Nieves

Rich Hogan

Meeting Call to order

• Kevin calls to open meeting at 6:09 P.M. PST

• Tom Lisciandra seconds meeting opening 6:09 P.M. PST

Frank Watters: At Large Updates

1. 6:11 Press Release about MASNA research on going

2. 6:12 Aquarist of the Year data nearly complete

3. 6:16 Continuing working on list of all internet links pertaining to MASNA and MACNA

Jennifer Strickland: Membership Director Updates

1. 6:19 Individual 124, Clubs 45, Corporate 4, Family 35, Total 208

2. 6:20 Jennifer would like to advertise MASNA on Facebook Groups

3. 6:24 Update on Jennifer attending the Marine Aquarium Expo and costs

Chris Hinsley: Webmaster Updates

1. 6:25 Tri-Fold has new images and is in the BOD forum for review

2. 6:25 Chris and Kevin worked on website for 5 hours repairing broken links and adding new


3. 6:26 Kevin requests Chris extend timeout on BOD forum. Chris is waiting for administrator rights

to make changes

4. 6:27 Continue conversation on fixes to website. New pages include Press Release Blog, Image

and Logo Gallery

5. 6:29 Tri-Fold needs one more revision, will be updated yearly and printed in small runs. It’s

need for MAX

6. 6:36 Rich Hogan asks for increased emails on events and information

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary updates

1. 6:38 MACNA ticket pricing and discount dates put together and email link to Kevin

2. 6:39 Review of “How To Host A MACNA” completed and emailed to Kevin

3. 6:40 Still working on older meetings minutes, will provide to Chris for posting in Board Meeting

section of website

Kevin Erickson: Presidents update

1. 6:43 Money transfer out of old account and Treasurer will open a new account on Monday

2. 6:44 On March 3rd HB 873 was deferred in Hawaii for one year

3. 6:44 PIJAC working on better feed back from MASNA

4. 6:44 Will be discussing dates for a MASNA live with Sandy from Seagrest

5. 6:45 MASNA press requesting volunteers was sent to several Universities, Austin Nieves is

at meeting to volunteer

6. 6:49 MASNA Scholarship is ready to start, BOD’s see forum

7. 6:50 A volunteer has stepped up to take the empty Vice President seat, BOD’s see forum

8. 6:50 MACNA deadline for MASNA approaching BOD assistance needed

9. 6:51 Dave Morris asks why the forum is only for BOD, Kevin explains, no one was using it

other than spammers

10. 6:58 Frank Hogan brings up Shipyard Workers strike in California and how it’s effecting his

clubs ability to raise raffle items

7:20 Kevin moves to close meeting

7:20 Chris seconds motion

Meeting 1 hour 16 minutes