15/02/11 Public Meeting Minutes

Chris Hinsley . BOD Minutes 2280


Board of Directors:

Kevin Erickson: President

Tom Lisciandra: Secretary

Angie Charpenter: Treasurer

Josh Solomon: ILOC

Jennifer Strickland: Membership

Frank Watters: At Large

Bob Winfrey: Vender Relations

Chris Hinsley: Web Master


Rich Hogan

Meeting Call to order

6:04 P.M. PST Kevin Erickson calls meeting to open, Chris Hinsley seconds.

Agenda ILOC presented by Josh Solomon

1. Meeting 2/10/15 with PIJAC, discussed meeting monthly, how MASNA and PIJAC can best help

and protect the hobby.

2. Legislation in Hawaii, first vote will be 2/12/14.

3. PIJAC interested in communicating with MASNA Membership and PIJAC interested in doing a


Agenda Treasury presented by Angie Charpenter

1. Balances, PayPal $1062.50, PNC Checking $21,808.79, PNC Savings $36,036.49, Total


2. Bank transfer, move from Peoples National Bank to Wings Financial.

Agenda Membership presented by Jennifer Strickland

1. Booth at Marine Aquarium Expo status.

2. 2 New members

Agenda Web Master presented by Chris Hinsley

1. Progress on Trifold marketing materials.

2. Future MASNA control of MACNA website.

3. Art assets for sponsors, clubs for website and backup.

4. Updating website with rolling sponsor banners.

Agenda Vender Relations presented by Bob Winfrey

1. Website sponsorship and MASNA Speaks future costs.

Agenda At Large presented by Frank Watters

1. Creation of a form for MACNA Venders opinions is moving along.

Other Notes

1. Angie brings up to Chris when people apply and fill out form for the MASNA Speaks

2. Rich asks if his club is approved for MASNA Speaks; Angie confirms.

3. Rich brings up MACNA promotion on MASNA website.

4. Short discussion on public forum future on MASNA website, BOD to continue discussion.

5. Chris brings up need for user changes on Mail Chimp and a need for password control on all

6. Rich adds he will have a MASNA booth at his conference and needs materials for handout;

program; she is not getting an email.


Angie confirms she will be mailing MASNA glass scrapers, Kevin asks Chris to have Trifold

done for the event happening in March.

Move to close Public Meeting

1. Kevin Erickson moves to close meeting.

2. Seconded to close meeting by Josh Solomon.

3. Meeting Duration 1 hour 13 minutes.