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We encourage you to renew your Membership online prior to the Annual Meeting to insure that you have voting privileges and your voice will be heard on other important matters.

You may renew online now. Please let us know whether or not you’ll be attending the meeting.

Applications open September 8 – October 6, 2021.

Available Positions:
Director of Conservation
Industry Relations

Voting will be held online at the Annual MASNA Meeting on October 13, 2021.



Bryce Risley (At Large)

Background and years in the hobby:
I began keeping marine life in aquariums 18 years ago. I’ve attended domestic and international aquarium themed conferences and workshops and I’ve worked professionally at two public aquariums. I presently work as a freelance writer and photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Relevant Experience:
I hold an MS in marine policy and an MS in marine biology. I have an extensive social network throughout the marine aquarium industry at a global level. I have published writing on topics pertaining to the marine aquarium industry.
Why are you interested in running for the MASNA Board?
I would like to continue investing in the marine aquarium industry by promoting the “Supplier Spotlight” series which I proposed during my term as Secretary with MASNA. This series is intended to highlight the diversity of suppliers in the marine aquarium industry while giving a voice to less represented individuals and sharing information about their roles and experiences in the industry.
Area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make:
I bring experience to organization conversations relating to supply chain dynamics and industry equity. I’m looking forward to promoting the new “Supplier Spotlight” series through MASNA to bring hobbyists and other industry affiliates closer to the international dynamics of the supply chain.


Travis Knorr (At Large)

Background and years in the hobby:
I began my career in the trade as a wild fish collector in 2007. For four years I captured wild fish and inverts in Florida and began networking with wholesalers and retailers in the South East United States. I then received education from the College of the Florida Keys and thereafter was the science lab technician for another 4 years. In October of 2019 I was asked to join the team at the Key West Aquarium as the Life Support Systems Tech. I worked diligently repairing the numerous neglected systems and had the facility running smoothly after a few months. In April of 2021 I was then asked to be the Operations Manager/Curator and gladly accepted the position. At home, my lovely partner, Mick Walsh and I, operate a small ornamental fish aquaculture facility, which has not only kept us very busy, but also has us more involved in the aquarium industry than ever before.

Relevant Experience:
During my time working at CFK, I was the founder and president of the Aquaculture Club, a board member of the environmental club, and as a professional, the advisor of the Aquaculture Club. In 2019 and 2020 I was a member-at-large for the Grimal Grove board of directors, which is a historic exotic fruit orchard in Big Pine Key, FL. I helped with decision making regarding the direction of the non-profit steering commitee. Additionally, I have participated as a Rising Tide stakeholder, representing the College of the Florida Keys.

Why are you interested in running for the MASNA Board?
I would like to do more for the organization and move in a direction of continually increasing my involvement. I would like to help the organization in any way I can because I believe it is an important community asset, and supports the aquarium industry in a very impactful and positive way.

Area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make:
Over the years I have networked between educators, aquarium trade suppliers, aquaculture professionals, and educators in a unique way. I feel I could help bring additional perspectives together to achieve common goals for the organization.


Kevin Erickson (President)

Background and years in the hobby:
17 years in the marine aquarium hobby. Academic & Aquarium Industry Professional.
Relevant Experience:
11+ years on the MASNA Board.
President since January 2015, CEO since July 2016.
Professional Marine Ornamental Biologist.
Why are you interested in running for the MASNA Board?
To continue to guide in the organization while fulfilling our goals and charter.
Area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make:
I think I can add to every area that MASNA is involved in.


Larry L Blighton (At Large)

Background and years in the hobby:
I have always been fascinated with the worlds oceans and its inhabitants and growing up and living most of my life close to the coast has provided me with the desire to learn as much as possible about the ocean and all things in it.  Serving in the US Navy afforded me the opportunity to travel the world and visit some great aquariums like the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.
I have kept and maintained Aquariums for the better part of 25 years to include everything from your normal goldfish and bettas to Freshwater Tropical and mixed reef tanks.
I have attended the last 7 MACNA’s and has served five years on the Marine Aquarium Society of North America’s (MASNA) MACNA Planning committee.
Aquarium Societies (Past / Present)
Duval Reefkeepers (2018 -Present) – Member
FPRS – Florida Panhandle Reefers Society (2018 -Present) – Member
SDMAS – San Diego Marine Aquarium Society (2009-2018) – Past Secretary
MASNA – Marine Aquarium Society of North America (2015 – Present) – Member
SDTFS – San Diego Tropical Fish Society (2009 – 2012) – Member
HCC – Hill Country Cichlid Club – (2000 – 2009) – Member
Relevant Experience:
I have been on the planning committee for the last 6 MACNA’s doing numerous different jobs from setting up and organizing, Thursday vendor events, Friday night receptions, Saturday night banquet, helping run the raffles/giveaways, water distribution, Vendor Floor setup and teardown.
I have also served on the MASNA Board as an At Large for the last 2 years doing just about anything anyone needs help with.
Why are you interested in running for the MASNA Board?
I would like to continue supporting MASNA with my time and service with all aspect of the Marine Hobby.
Area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make:
Organizing events, word processing, video uploading and organizing
Richard Ross (At Large)
I have been in the reefkeeping hobbies since the 1980’s. I have established clubs, worked in public aquaria, and have worked at ever level of the trade from LFS to collecting stations. I was awarded the MASNA award, then AOTY, in 2014
Relevant Experience:
I have been a prolific writer and speaker for the aquarium world over the last decade or so, and well as publishing and participating in coral spawning research. I have also organized events and established reef clubs.
Why are you interested?
I have been pestering MASNA board members about approaches to the organization for years, and now that my life has calmed down, I would like to try to put my money where my mouth is and participate.
Area(s) of expertise/contribution you feel you can make:
I am interested in helping write, edit, and produce MASNA position statements, creating a repository/library of already published work about the hobby so it is easily accessable to hobbyists (I am interested in also developing summaries by MASNA winners of each article), and helping to develop a more sustainable and responsible trade