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We encourage you to renew your Membership online prior to the Annual Meeting to insure that you have voting privileges and your voice will be heard on other important matters.

You may renew online now. Please let us know whether or not you’ll be attending the meeting.

Applications open August 15 – November 4, 2024.


Available Positions:
Director at Large

The information you enter in this form will be made public after nominations close and posted on the MASNA Nominations page.

Voting will be held online at the Annual MASNA Meeting on November 16, 2022.
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All officers of the Corporation are to be elected by the general membership during a vote to be held at the Annual General Meeting each year.

The elected officers of the Corporation shall take office upon January 1st of each year and shall end their term of office on December 31st of that year.


Members of the Corporation interested in running for any of the elected offices shall be encouraged to publicly announce their interest in that office when the Board of Directors has announced that nominations are open. Members may nominate themselves in writing or via electronic methods.

7.03: VOTING
Voting for officer positions shall be by electronic mail and/or public forums on the Corporation’s Web Site. In the case of the Annual meeting, voting will be by show of hands from the members in attendance. Notice of a vote will be provided for ten (10) calendar days. The voting will begin on the eleventh (11th) day following announcement of the vote.

An officer shall be declared elected when at the close of voting he has a simple majority of the total votes cast. When no single candidate receives a majority of votes cast, the membership shall vote a second time upon the two candidates for the office that has received the greatest number of votes.


Each director shall hold office for two (2) year terms and until his/her successor shall have been elected and qualified, or until his/her death, resignation, or removal. These directors will serve from January 1st to December 31st.

The candidate for President, must have served on the Board of Directors the previous year, or have served on the Board of Directors prior to being elected as an officer. If no member of the Board of Directors is able to accept the position of President, a majority Board of Directors vote will be required to accept the candidate.


Due to geographical distances of the members and Directors, it is recognized at times that physical meetings to render a vote are not possible. Voting that takes place via electronic methods, whether it be via electronic mail, Corporation website forums, fax and alike shall carry the same weight as if the vote was physically taken in person.



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