MACNA 2017 Presentations

MACNA 2017 Presentations


Ehsan Dashti: Modern Practical Reef-Keeping

Austin Lefevre: Bulletproof Reefkeeping

Bill Wann: Everything you wanted to know about aquarium plumbing and pumps.

Joe Yaiullo: Bonsai Reef Keeping in a 20,000 Gallon Box

Hunter Hammond: A “Fairy” Inclusive Look at Keeping & Mixing Cirrhilabrus Wrasses

Ned DeLoach: Dream Fish

Tullio Dell Aquila: The Facts of Light

Marc Levenson: Preparing for the Worst

Laura Birenbaum: Raising Cuttlefish and PJ Squid

Austin Lefevre: Keeping Benthic Feeders with Coral: Angelfishes, Butterflyfishes, etc.

Mark Callahan: Coral Placement For The Long Haul

Gerald Heslinga: Giant Clams – Sustainable aquaculture and conservation

Julian Sprung: Little Stories Part 2

Walt Smith: Relevance to coral farming in the world today.

Bob Fenner: Anemones for Aquariums use and husbandry.

Todd Gardner: Small actions / simple tools make a big difference in marine fish culture.

Richard Ross: The Right Kind Of Lazy.