MACNA 2016 Presentations

MACNA 2016 Presentations



Coral Reef Conservation, Expedition to Somaliland by Dr. Luiz Rocha

Tridacna Clams in the Home Aquarium by James Fatherree

Designing and Building the Ideal Fishroom for your Reef by Marc Levenson

Captive Breeding Pacific Blue Tangs by Eric Cassiano

Principles of Diligent Reefkeeping by Joe Yaiullo

Culturing Inverts for Species Recovery & Habitat Restoration by Dr. Sandy Trautwein

Taxonomy of the Pseudochromidae (Dottybacks) by Dr. Anthony Gill

How Being an Aquarist Led to a Life of Diving, Exploration & Science by Dr Richard Pyle

Small Scale Aquaculture at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium by Ramon Villaverde

What does it take? Who benefits? What have we learned? by Walt Smith

Coral Grafting and Fusion by Justin Grabel

Tank Automation and Why you Need It by Mark Callahan

Turbocharge Photosynthesis! Alkalinity, Light, & Water Motion by Dana Riddle

How Aquariums Helped My Transition Out of Military Life by Wayne Scott

Ditching the Dump & Hope Approach: Sourcing, Quarantine & Acclimation by Austin Lefevre

Going Dark: Deepwater Fishes and Non-Photosynthetic Corals by Matt Wandell

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Twilight Zone: Sea-Fans and Selection by Dr. Sonia J Rowley

Long Island, NY: An Unlikely Hotspot for Marine Ornamentals by Todd Gardner

Are you being sold what you’re told? Sustainability unveiled by Laura Simmons

Butterfly Fishes and their use in Marine Aquariums by Bob Fenner

Restoring Reefs: Sustainability, Science, Success by Kevin Gaines