MACNA 2014 Presentations

MACNA 2014 Presentations

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Sustainable Wild Collection of Australian Fish and Corals by Julian Baggio

Aquarium History, Oh How Far We’ve Come! by Mike Paletta

For the Love of Wrasses by Tea Yi Kai

Rants and Raves from a 37 year old LFS by Jim Walters

Following the Sun by Walt Smith

Wonders of the Deep by Rufus Kimura

Intentionally spawning stony corals in the aquarium by Jamie Craggs

Refugium Debate: Julian Sprung For, Jake Adams Against

A family-run fish collecting business in Mauritius by Meneeka Gurroby

The Foundation of Marine Aquaristics by Martin Moe

Getting critical about water chemistry with the Triton Method By Ehsan Daskti

Growth for a captive reef kept at Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum by Jean Jaubert

A six pack of marine and reef aquarium trivia by Justin Credabel

Keeping and breeding the dwarf cuttlefish by Laura Birenbaum

The Stony Coral Endangered Species Act Proposal by Julian Sprung

LED Lighting in Aquarium Applications Presentation by Nick Klase

Starting an aquaculture business on a small Pacific island nation by Tom Bowling

Modern aquarium aesthetics from a champion aquascapist by John Ciotti

The function of fluorescence on the reef by Dr. Charles Mazel

What’s up with phosphate? by Richard Ross