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You may be asking, “What is MASNA Live!?” Well, it is a podcast program for reef aquarium hobbyists. Our goal to to line up your favorite speakers, hobbyists and scientists as guests. There should be something for every one from beginners to experts.

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MASNA Live April 2016 - Bradley Syphus, LVMAS Spring Bling, MACNA 2016

Posted: April 04, 2016
MASNA Live, April 2016 Release Notes Bradley Syphus, winner of the 2015/2016 Neptune Aquatics Marine Aquarium Hobbyist of the Year award, discusses tanks and successes after hardships. Jacob Schelebo discusses the 5th annual Las Vegas Marine Aquarium Society's Spring Bling Frag Swap event.; Jeff Saurwein with San Diego Marine Aquarium Society discusses the upcoming MACNA 2016 event in San Diego this September.

MASNA Live March 2016 - OSRAS Conference 2016 & MASNA ILOC Adeljean Ho

Posted: March 03, 2016
Rich Hogan speaks about his annual Ocean State Reef Aquarium Society Conference on April 3rd, 2016 in Warwick, RI. Adeljean Ho talks with us about his experience in the marine aquarium hobby and his time as a marine biologist. He also informs us about his winning entry for MASNA Student Scholarship and his duties in the position of ILOC on the MASNA Board of Directors.

MASNA Live February 2016 - MASNA Scholarship Winners & Bob Fenner

Posted: February 02, 2016
The February 2016 episode of MASNA Live features Tim Lyons, the undergraduate winner of the 2015 - 2016 MASNA Student Scholarship. Tim visits with us and discusses his winning thesis and what you can do to help your chances of winning the MASNA Student Scholarship. Also featured this month is Liz Marchio, the graduate winner of the 2015 - 2016 MASNA Student Scholarship. Liz discusses the topic of her thesis and the effect of the marine aquarium hobby on the scientific interests of its hobbyists. We end this month is Bob Fenner, prolific author of books and the owner of Wet Web Media. We talk to Bob about his start in the hobby and what launched his desire to make one of the world's most notable collections of online fish based information. MASNA Student Scholarship Program can be found at: MASNA Board of Directors application forms can be found at (must be logged into your paid MASNA account to view correctly): Join MASNA and help support our programs at: Join us at the 2016 San Diego MACNA at: Find the wealth of information at Wet Web Media at:

MASNA Live August 2015 - Terence Fugazzi & Paul Poeschl

Posted: August 08, 2015
The August 2015 episode features Terence Fugazzi from Neptune Systems talking about the Marine Aquarium Hobbyist of the Year. Also featured is Paul Poeschl, Paul talks to us about he upcoming book â??A Smart Guide to Shark and Stingray Husbandry in the Modern Home Aquarium.â?? You can subscribe and view on iTunes here: For those who don't use iTunes, you can listen on at:

MASNA Live July 2015 - MBI Workshop with Tal Sweet, and Richard Ross AOTY

Posted: July 07, 2015
Tal Sweet with the Marine Breeding Initiative. Richard Ross, 2014 aquarist of the year. Masna membership drive and bod openings,

MASNA Live June 2015 - MACNA 2015 & MASNA Scholarship Winner Ross DeAngelis

Posted: June 06, 2015
MASNA Live June 2015 Show Guests: Tom Land and John Coppolino from Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarium Society discuss the upcoming MACNA 2015 in Washington DC. MACNA 2015 Website: Ross DeAngelis, winner of the 2014 MACNA Student Scholarship award, discussing the MACNA Student Scholarship. MASNA Student Scholarship Website:

MASNA Live Jan 2014 - OSRAS, LVMAS, Cold Water Marine Aquariums, MACNA 2014

Posted: January 01, 2014
MASNA Live January 2014: Rich Hogan from OSRAS speaking about the 2nd annual OSRAS Conference. Tom Lisciandra and Dennis Diaz introducing the Las Vegas Marine Aquarium Society. Stu Wobbe, Josh Groves, and Karen Ekelund updating us on the cold water marine aquarium hobby. Rob Mougey, Adam Monchak, and Jon Garnett with an introduction to CORAL and updates on MACNA 2014.

Pre-MACNA 2013 Episode - Scott Fellman & David Barrick

Posted: August 08, 2013
Welcome to the Pre-MACNA MASNA Live. | The MASNA BOD elections are now open. Log in to MASNA's election site to apply. | Scott Fellman and David Barrick join us to talk about MACNA 2013 in Hollywood, Florida! | The schedule for MACNA can be found here: |

MASNA Live June 2013 - Ornamental Fish Health Symposium & MACNA 2013

Posted: June 06, 2013
June 2013 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Rick Oellers speaking about the 2013 Ornamental Fish Health Symposium | Eddie, Julio and Tony from FMAS speaking about MACNA 2013 in Hollywood, Florida. |

MASNA Live April 2013 - MASNA Scholarships, MBI Workshop, OSRAS Conference

Posted: April 04, 2013
April 2013 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Mike Howe and Tal Sweet talk about the MBI Workshop. | Rich Hogan talks about the 1st annual OSRAS Conference. |

MASNA Live Feb 2013 - New BOD, TCMAS, Rich Ross & Skeptical Reefkeeping

Posted: February 02, 2013
February 2013 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Roger Vitko, MASNA's new Secretary. | Erik, Brit, Matt and Angie from the Twin Cities Marine Aquarium Society speaking about their club and two upcoming events. More info at | Rich Ross continuing his Skeptical Reefkeeping series with part 7, "A Look at Ethics". .

MASNA Live Jan 2013 - LEAR Frag Fest 2013 &

Posted: January 01, 2013
MASNA Live Jan 2013 - LEAR Frag Fest 2013 & January 2013 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Erick Kreeger, Paul Grant and Tony Nista from the Lake Erie Advanced Reefers (LEAR) talking about their upcoming Lake Erie Frag Fest 2013. Head to for more information. | Josh Groves and Stu Wobbe from Cold Water Marine Aquatics talking about the temperate side of the marine aquarium hobby. Their website is .

MASNA Live Nov 2012 - MASNA Scholarship,, EcoAquariumsPNG

Posted: November 11, 2012
MASNA Live Nov 2012 - MASNA Scholarship,, EcoAquariumsPNG November 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Congratulations to Bobby Ortiz and Zach Ostroff on being the 2012-2013 MASNA Scholarship Award Winners! Thank you to Doctors Foster and Smith and EcoTech Marine for making it possible! | Craig Borowski from MARATA, the Marine and Reef Aquarium Technicians of America,, talking on why it is important to find a good aquarium service technician. | Dan Navin from EcoAquariums PNG, , on how transparency in the process of collecting marine ornamental organisms is important.

Pre-MACNA 2012 Episode - Matt P & Paul W, DFWMAS, Bob F & Scott F

Posted: August 08, 2012
Pre-MACNA 2012 Episode - Matt P & Paul W, DFWMAS, Bob F & Scott F | Welcome to the Pre-MACNA MASNA Live. | The MASNA BOD elections are now open. Log in to MASNA's election site to apply: | Matt Pedersen and Paul Whitby speaking about their presentations: Matt's ark article: | DFWMAS talking about MACNA 2012 on Sept 28-30th. | Scott Fellman and Bob Fenner speaking about their presentations. The schedule for MACNA can be found here:

MASNA Live July 2012 - Murray Camp, Dr. Andrew Rhyne

Posted: July 07, 2012
MASNA Live July 2012 - Murray Camp, Dr. Andrew Rhyne | July 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | The MASNA BOD elections are now open. Log in to MASNA's election site to apply: | Murray Camp, MASNA ILOC Representative, speaking about a recent speaking engagement and MASNA Speaks. | Dr. Andrew Rhyne, speaking about his recent paper "Revealing the Appetite of the Marine Aquarium Fish Trade: The Volume and Biodiversity of Fish Imported into the United States". Available for free:

MASNA Live June 2012- Marine Breeders Vlog, Steven Pro, Tampa Bay Reef Club

Posted: June 06, 2012
June 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | The MASNA Aquarist of the Year award nomination period is now open. Log in to MASNA's nomination site to cast your ballot: | Mike Meadows, President of The Coral Shoppe, Marine Breeders Vlog:, | Steven Pro, President of MASNA. Talking about his recent trip to Bali to attend a NOAA coral workshop. | The Tampa Bay Reef Club. Discussing their upcoming Tampa Bay Reef Conference:, |

MASNA Live May 2012- Vermont Marine Aquarists, Lightning Maroon, MACNA 2012

Posted: May 05, 2012
May 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | The MASNA Scholarship application period will close on June 22, 2012. Make sure to apply ASAP!: | The Vermont Marine Aquarists: | The Lightning Project: | The MBI Workshop: | MACNA 2012: |

MASNA Live March 2012 - Scholarship, MBI Workshop & Skeptical Reefkeeping

Posted: March 03, 2012
March 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | The MASNA Scholarship has been announced: | Listen for the secret word of the month! | Tal Sweet talking about the 2012 MBI Workshop | MBI Workshop website: | Richard Ross talking about his Skeptical Reefkeeping Series: | Part 1: | Part 2: | Part 3: | Part 4: | Part 5: | Reef Builder's "InstaFlow" Article: |

MASNA Live Feb 2012 - LSMAC, New BOD, "Tank Bred" panel, & Ret Talbot

Posted: February 02, 2012
February 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes: | Four short interviews with Lake Superior Marine Aquarium Club members Jay Hanson, Mike Doty, Frank Wotruba, and Jim Grassinger. Map of Esko, MN | Pictures of LSMAC tanks: | Introduction of two new MASNA Board of Directors members Amanda Cox and Carl Nelson. 2012 MBI Marine Breeders Workshop: | Panel discussion on "What does tank raised mean?" with Jim Adelberg, Tal Sweet, Adam Youngblood, Andy Rhyne, Dale Pritchard, Dan Navin, Matt Carberry, Chris Turnier, Rich Ross, and Ret Talbot. MBI Thread on "What does tank raised mean?": | Toward a Working Definition of Tank-Raised by Ret Talbot: | The Tank-Raised Cuttlefish at Blue Zoo Aquatics: | EcoAquariums PNG: | EcoReef UK: | An update on the house and senate bills in Hawai'i and an introduction of MASNA's new website, from Ret Talbot |

MASNA Live Jan 2012- MASNA Speaks, group talk on Hawaii & update from Ret T

Posted: January 01, 2012
January 2012 MASNA Live Show Notes | Matt Pedersen and Marc Levenson on MASNA Speaks and small clubs. | Tall Sweet, Richard Ross, Andrew Rhyne, Eric Cohen, Brandon Klaus, Matt Pedersen and Jim Adelberg all in a group discussion regarding the marine aquarium issues in Hawai'i. | Ret Talbot with an update on the various house and senate bills in Hawai'i. | Map of where Duluth MN is located: | YouTube video of 5 Yellow Tangs: Unfortunately it has been removed from YouTube. | The Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative (RFI): | Matt's articles: | | Ret's articles: | | Brandon Klaus's article: |

MASNA Live Nov 2011 - Chris Jury, Adam Blundell, Murray Camp and Ret Talbot

Posted: December 12, 2011
MASNA Live November 2011 | Show Notes: Interviews with 2011-2012 MASNA Scholarship winner Chris Jury, new MASNA BOD members Adam Blundell and Murray Camp, as well as an update on Hawai'i from Ret Talbot. | MASNA Blog:

MASNA Live October 2011 - MACNA wrap-up, MASNA BOD, & Ret Talbot on Hawai'i

Posted: October 10, 2011
MASNA Live October 2011 | Show Notes: MACNA 2011 wrap up, interview with 4 new MASNA BOD members, and Ret Talbot on the new Hawai'i resolution seeking a statewide ban on all aquarium collection.

Pre-MACNA MASNA Live: Rich Ross, Matt Pedersen, Gary Parr, and Tal Sweet.

Posted: September 09, 2011
Pre-MACNA MASNA Live | Show Notes : Pre-MACNA interview with Rich Ross, Matt Pedersen, Gary Parr, and Tal Sweet. | MBI talk at MACNA 23: |

MASNA Live July 2011 - Solar Tubes with Matt Wright

Posted: July 07, 2011
MASNA Live July 2011 | Interview with Matt Wright about his Solar Tubes | Matt's Youtube Page: | Link to Kevin's Solar Tube Research: | MASNA's BOD Election Page: | MASNA's BOD Position Descriptions: | Find a roommate for MACNA 2011: |

MASNA Live June 2011 - Open Source Aquaculture with Dr. Andy Rhyne

Posted: June 06, 2011
Interview with Dr. Andrew Rhyne on open source publishing of aquaculture material. Show Notes for MASNA Live June 2011: | Research Interests: Marine ornamental aquaculture; Live feed production; Sustainability of the marine ornamental fishery in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary; implications of larval form/structures on gene flow; taxonomy and phylogenetics of marine ornamental species. | Open Source Papers: | The importance of open access in technology transfer for marine ornamental aquaculture: The case of hobbyist-led breeding initiatives: | Crawling to Collapse: Ecologically Unsound Ornamental Invertebrate Fisheries: | Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation â?? International Journal of the Bioflux Society (AACL) :

MASNA Live May 2011- Quarantine tanks with Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan.

Posted: May 05, 2011
MASNA Live May 2011 Show Notes: Interview on quarantine tanks with fish and invert veterinarian, Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan. | SEASMART Program Interview with CORAL Magazine: | Links from interview with Dr. Tim: Find a Fish / Invert Vet: | Words from a wet vet: | OFHP - web pages:

MASNA Live April 2011 - What is MASNA?

Posted: April 04, 2011
Interview with some members of MASNA's Board of Directors.

MASNA Live March 2011 - Marine Breeding Initiative Workshop

Posted: March 03, 2011
MASNA Live 2011 Show Notes. Guests: Tal Sweet, Matt Pederson Web Links: Marine Breeding Initiative: Marine Breeders Workshop: MBI on Facebook: Workshop event on Facebook: Tal's site:

MASNA Live Feb 2011 Interview with the Marine Aquarium Society of Australia

Posted: February 02, 2011
MASNA Live Feb 2011 Show Notes. MASNA BOD Meeting, March 10, 2011 8pm central time. MASA Interview Links. MASS Members. Colin: MASS President. Tank Threads: 4 foot tank , Nano , His son's tank Katie: MASS Committee Member. Tank Thread: MASQ Members Matt: MASQ President. Tank Thread: Ben: MASQ Secretary. Tank Thread:, winning nano tank Tone: An original MASQ Member. Tank Thread:

EPISODE4 - MASNA Live Jan 2011 President of GIRS Craig Johnston LA Fish Guy

Posted: January 01, 2011
MACNA 2011 Episode Interviews with GIRS President, Craig Johnston and LA Fish Guy, Jim Stime.

EPISODE3 - MASNA Live: Aquariums outside the box with Scott Fellman

Posted: April 04, 2010
An open discussion on ideas for cool and different types of aquarium setups, biotope systems, and aquascaping ideas. Much of Scott's life centers around tweaking his protein skimmer, scraping algae, cleaning up spills, or figuring out how to unglue his fingers. He been keeping marine aquariums since I was 12 years old, and during that time, He has maintained all sorts of aquariums, fish bowls, plastic boxes, and just about anything that can hold water. HIs passions are aquascaping and marine biotope aquariums. He love this hobby and the people in it!

EPISODE2 - MASNA Live: What is MBI?

Posted: February 02, 2010
What is the Marine Breeding Initiative? Chad Penney and Tal Sweet will be joining us to discuss this important program. What you can do to participate? How the program works? How to get your club involved? Find out more information at or send an email to

EPISODE1 - MASNA Live: Talkcast Intro

Posted: January 01, 2010
This is a test episode for testing the application features. Quick introduction to what MASNA Live is and how you can participate. The hope is that we will be able to bring a true Live Q&A program to marine aquarium hobbyists.