Board of Directors: Bios

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President – Kevin Erickson:

Kevin Erickson is an experienced aquatic biologist with professional and educational experiences in multiple global settings. Personally he has kept many FOWLR tanks as well as reef tanks.  He has been a member of many marine aquarium clubs around North America and the world, and has been a MASNA board member since 2010.

Applicable Educational Experience
2012 – Current, Ph.D. Marine Ornamental Biosecurity, Central Queensland University
2011, M.S. Aquatic Pathobiology, University of Stirling
2008, Professional Certificate, Aquarium Science, Oregon Coast Community College
2007, B.S. Marine Biology, Florida Institute of Technology

Rob Vice President – Rob Mougey:

Rob Mougey is an avid aquarist, having setup his first marine system over 30 years ago.  He has a fondness for distinctive marine angel and butterfly fishes.  In his spare time, Rob enjoys scuba diving the Indo/Pacific and has a special fondness for Indonesia, PNG and New Caledonia.  He has helped launch several clubs, including MASNA itself, and currently serves as President of CORAL (Colorado Organization for Reef & Aquatic Life). He is also active in several clubs in Colorado and managed MACNA 2014 in Denver.

Tom Secretary – Tom Lisciandra:

The love for anything ocean started for Tom as a child growing up along the coast of Long Island, New York. His love for the ocean only intensified while Tom was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, snorkeling and diving on his free time. After leaving the Navy to live in Las Vegas, Tom built his first marine aquarium in 1991. Over the years, he has held several board positions for local clubs and Tom is currently the Secretary for the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America.

IMG_0539 Treasurer – Christine Rowe

Christine’s love of the reef began in 2000 on her honeymoon to Key West, Florida on a snorkeling expedition off the coast.  Today, she and her husband have a 180 gallon and a 120 gallon mixed reef while their 12 year old son maintains his own 29 gallon nanotank.  As the owners and founders of an aquarium maintenance company, both Christine and her husband enjoy their unique opportunity to help promote responsible marine aquarium practices to the public.

Meanwhile, Christine recently celebrated her 15th year as the Office Manager of a small specialty accounting firm in the beautiful foothills of Central Virginia giving her the chance to pass on her accounting knowledge to the Board of Directors as Treasurer of MASNA.

Public Relations


Adlejean Industry, Legislation, and Ocean Conservation Director – Dr. Adeljean Ho:

Adeljean Ho is an evolutionary ecologist by trade and he specializes in fishes. His research revolves around genetics and ecology, and he has worked on well-known species, such as, the yellowhead jawfish and mollies. Adeljean has also worked on understanding and improving the coloration of aquacultured species. His passion for fishes started at a young age, and he has personally kept many mixed-reef and fish-only tanks. Throughout graduate school Adeljean has designed, constructed, and maintained various flow-through and recirculating systems for research. Adeljean is the 2013-2014 MASNA Graduate Scholarship Recipient.

Applicable Educational Experience
2015, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
2010, M.S. Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
2008, B.A. Marine Biology & Chemistry, Roger Williams University


Director of Membership – Paul Poeschl:

Paul’s love of aquariums began when he was five when his parents bought him his first fish tank.  Love of the sea began in Hawaii as a little boy snorkelling Hanauma bay till sunburn forced him to shore.  In college, he studied ecology and wildlife and began his journey to his eventual career in public aquaria after more than a decade within the aquarium trade.  Paul has cared for systems from 2.5 gallons to 2 million gallons.  He currently also serves on the board of Las Vegas Marine Aquarium Society, writes various articles on fish keeping, and speaks at trade shows about the hobby.

Applicable Educational Experience
2007, B.S. Wildlife, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

At Large


 33722_463138184904_2909569_n Webmaster – David Barrick:

David Barrick started in the marine aquarium hobby in Pennsylvania, where he was a member and board member of his local aquarium club. Up until 2014, David owned his own fish store, but gave it up to move to Fiji, where he now works for a large industry collector of marine ornamentals.