MASNA Support for Gary Meadows Reef

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MASNA is proud to offer support for the Gary Meadows Reef Fund! We are accepting any and all donations you would like to submit to help this amazing effort, and you can donate directly through our website using our PayPal Donation buttons! We are striving for a goal of $15,000 donated, and with your help we can achieve it. For more information and to read up on this wonderful effort, please head to the Gary Meadows Reef page under the MASNA Programs tab!

Hawaii Aquarium-Related Bills Stalled in Both the House and the Senate

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Today a state legislator in Hawaii told me in an off-the-record discussion that it would require “the legislative equivalent of a Hail Mary pass” for any of the aquarium-related bills currently in the Hawaii State Legislature to move forward. The reasons why 13 of the 14 aquarium-related bills are “stalled” and “dead for now” are complex and firmly rooted in the procedural intricacies of the Hawaiian legislative process. I’ll get into some of the details in a piece I have publishing tonight in CORAL Magazine’s eNewsletter, but suffice it to say a deadline came and went last night with no action taken to keep these bills active. While there are procedural options still open to legislators who want to revive one or more of the aquarium-related bills, it is, in the words of a procedural expert I interviewed in the House today, “very unlikely.” read more

Concerns Linger as Kaua‘i Anti-Aquarium Measures Reach Hawai‘i’s Legislature

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Eighteen aquarium-related measures have been introduced to the State of Hawai‘i’s twenty-sixth legislative session. Seven of them are new bills, four are new resolutions, and the rest are measures carried over from 2011. Of the new bills, two—SB2042 and HB1780—attempt to ban the marine aquarium trade statewide, and both are the result of a vote that took place on Kaua‘i in November. Of the new resolutions—SR2, SCR1, HR6 and HCR8—all four seek to shut down the trade statewide, and all four are also a direct result of the November Kaua‘i vote. Why does this association with Kaua‘i matter? It matters because there were serious concerns about the Kaua‘i vote in November, and it’s important to make sure those concerns are still present now that these measures—which represent more than half of the new measures introduced—are at the state level. read more

The Hawaii Marine Aquarium Fishery Relative to Recreational and Commercial Reef Fisheries

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The marine aquarium fishery in Hawaii is but one of many fisheries. While it is a significant fishery, it is by no means the largest, nor does it have the greatest impact. Nonetheless, anti-aquarium fishery activists target only the aquarium fishery and blame it for reef devastation. The facts, as you will see on, do not support their position. Based on the data, MASNA supports all well-managed sustainable fisheries, including recreational fisheries, commercial food fisheries and aquarium fisheries.  read more